You’re riding pretty high when you leave the gym after an intense workout class, right? You feel satisfied, invigorated and stronger. We all know it’s important to work out to stay healthy, but have you ever thought about working out your face to keep it firm and fit? Whether you had before — maybe you’ve been a devoted face yogi for some time — or if this sounds like the latest OMG-worthy beauty trend you kind of need to try, now you can stretch and strengthen your mug with fellow face fitness fanatics in a new workout class made *for* your face.


Enter NYC’s FaceLove Fitness Pop-Up Shop, a part-spa, part-group workout space created by Rachel Leng, an esthetician and Heidi Frederick, a massage therapist, to kick off the launch of Clinique’s new Sculptwear line of firming skincare products. Besidses offering luxe facials, the main focus of the space is spread the word about working out all 57 muscles in your face. Facial massage is said to work from the inside out — your muscles are activated underneath the skin via a strategic massage that results in detoxification of the skin, increased blood flow + oxygen (hello, gorgeous glow!) and plumps up your skin’s surface. The women say your skin will also retain elasticity more which means less sagging and thinning of the skin. Score!


Even though this is a workout class, don’t expect to leave sweaty and winded. The class features 15 minutes of “guided exercise,” which includes a short massage. After that, you break out fitness equipment you’re actually familiar with from the gym: resistance bands and mini foam rollers. Then you use them On. Your. Face. Embrace the facial workout, y’all!

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(h/t Byrdie, graphics + photos via FaceLove Fitness)