Not everyone was impressed with the sneak-listen we got of Emma Watson singing in the new live-action Beauty and the Beast film, but we weren鈥檛 letting that dash our hopes of a truly magical movie. Now, though, we鈥檝e gotten a peek at the Belle doll seemingly created in Emma鈥檚 image, and鈥 there鈥檚 something very strange about it. Not only does it barely look like the actress herself, but folks (hilariously) think it looks like Justin Bieber.

Emma Watson _ Belle

There鈥檚 no doubt that Emma Watson looks simply gorgeous as Belle, stepping into the epic yellow-gold ballgown and caped Parisian outfits of one of our most beloved Disney characters with a grace that is all her own.

So what the heck happened with the toy?! We鈥檙e talking about a weirdly wide noggin, a gigantic forehead and basically a face that looks nothing like Emma Watson.

Folks were quick to take to Twitter with their thoughts such as, 鈥渨hen you order an emma watson doll online but a justin bieber doll in a yellow dress & a wig arrives instead.鈥

Once you hear it, it鈥檚 kind of hard not to see the doll as the Biebs, TBH.

Justin Bieber

Although there are a few other theories as to what may have went wrong鈥

Oof. Also, bahaha!

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Disney, Kevin Kane/Getty)