You might have seen the Jetsons-level baby monitors that are in stores or put them on your baby registry. Chances are you even have one in your baby’s nursery right now. But did you know that some of the WiFi-enabled monitors could bring in a hackable threat?

Safety Baby Sleeping

A consumer alert was issued by NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs in early 2016 after it began an investigation into several unnamed video baby monitor manufacturers for potential security risks. This came after a number of consumers reported that hackers had creepily disturbed their families via the video systems. Yikes!

To keep your family safe from potential hacks, here’s what the experts suggest:

1. Do your research. Check to see if the monitor you own, or are thinking of purchasing, is on any known lists for having a potential security risk.

2. Register your device. This way you’ll receive all the necessary software updates in real time to stay one step ahead on all security concerns.

3. Switch up the default password. Some monitors come with a default password out of the box to get your device connected and running quickly. Once you have it set up, go back into your account and create a strong password. To be extra-safe, change the password often.

4. Keep your WiFi secure. If you don’t already have this setup, make your WiFi tough to hack. For an easy checklist of instructions, check out this FCC post on how to protect your wireless network.

5. Switch it off. Turn off the baby monitor when you’re not using it. It’s easier to hack into something that is always on.

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