Sometimes the best natural makeup look can be the result of a little DIY action in your bathroom. While we’re all about playing with food when it comes to a face mask or our lips (among other things), one YouTuber recently took homemade cosmetics down the cookie aisle and the results are… interesting.

YouTuber Katharine Ward recently shared a new way to DIY mascara, and it involved everyone’s fave accessory to a glass of milk — Oreos (WHAT?!). On her account xxmakeupiscoolxx, Katharine details how you can turn a few ingredients (rubbing alcohol, primer and those cream-stuffed cookies) into a lengthening mascara that will leave everyone staring (just hopefully not because your lashes are clumpy… or crumb-y).


While we appreciate the teenage beauty vlogger’s creativity we are a little skeptical about the resulting look of the cookie-based cosmetic and how sanitary it is for Oreos to be that close to your eyeballs. Plus, as BuzzFeed points out, this DIY is a little pricey compared to a more hygienic drugstore product.


We’ll just stick with magazine eyeliner for creative eye makeup for now.

Would you try this (or other) food makeup hacks? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Eater)