Personal style is all about experimentation — constantly seeking inspiration from up-and-coming designers and finding ways to incorporate new seasonal elements into your wardrobe, like summer essentials. Of course, what is now new was once old (fashion is cyclical, after all), so there’s no better place to find new fashion frontiers than the past. To help navigate you through the mod miniskirts, disco divas and classic cocktail dresses, we’ve paired your horoscope with your vintage style soulmate.


Diana Ross

1. Diana Ross: Diana Ross’ ’70s style was imbued with a sense of freedom and fearlessness that you can definitely appreciate, Aries. The metallics, sequins, jumpsuits and bright colors that dominated Ross’ wardrobe speak to your independent streak, as you’re never one to blend into the crowd. (Photo via Larry Ellis/Getty)


Sophia Loren

2. Sophia Loren: You appreciate the finer things in life, Taurus, and so it should come as no surprise that Sophia Loren is your vintage style soulmate. The Italian screen goddess oozes luxury, but in a restrained, tasteful way that keeps people guessing. Body-con sweaters, plunging necklines and fitted waists make for a sophisticated sexiness that satisfies your pleasure-seeking soul. (Photo via Keystone/Getty)


Twiggy Models

3. Twiggy: London’s Swinging ’60s was a celebration of youth culture, short hemlines and positive vibes. Twiggy, in all her pixie-cut, mini-skirted glory, was at the helm of the movement, which makes her your fated fashion BFF. Your lively, dynamic spirit is a natural fit for the mod mentality, so don’t be afraid to rock those graphic prints and oversized earrings! (Photo via Express Newspapers/Getty)


Ossie Clark Design

4. Ali MacGraw: Ali MacGraw is responsible for a unique blend of New England prep with California bohemian, choosing to mix classics like a camel coat with a floaty, paisley blouse. The effect was sweet and romantic, just like someone else we know, Cancer. Her looks were imaginative but always practical, never sacrificing function for fashion. (Photo via Harry Dempster/Getty)


Jane Birkin

5. Jane Birkin: In addition to having the iconic luxury handbag named in her honor, Jane Birkin is well known for jaunting around the French countryside with a straw basket in the crook of her arm as a purse. She wasn’t afraid to express herself creatively through her fashion choices, which is why she makes the perfect Leo style star. (Photo via Mike McKeown/Getty)



6. Edie Sedgwick: Sedgwick rose to style stardom in the ’60s when she became Andy Warhol’s muse at the Factory. Her signature black eyeliner, blonde hair and striped shirts were super chic in an effortless way that you can totally rock. (Photo via Donald Bowers/Getty)


Audrey In Amsterdam

7. Audrey Hepburn: There’s no more romantic and charming sign in the zodiac than you, Libra, nor is there a more romantic and charming vintage style star than Audrey Hepburn. The petite brunette made classic black, ballet flats and big skirts her style signature, which goes perfectly with your easy going, elegant vibe. (Photo via Ulton Archive/Getty)


Marilyn Monroe

8. Marilyn Monroe: Scorpio: As the zodiac’s resident sexpot, is it any wonder Marilyn Monroe is your vintage style match? Ms. Monroe celebrated her curves, favoring flirty silhouettes and body con dresses. Your passionate, magnetic personality suits Monroe’s retro glam sophistication. (Photo via Baron/Getty Images)


Glamorous Goldie

9. Goldie Hawn: Sag, you’re always the life of the party — just like Goldie Hawn’s collection of printed maxi dresses from the ’60s. You two are popular, fun-loving and come complete with a wicked sense of humor. That playfulness comes through in your wardrobe choices, so keep on rocking those bright colors and cheery prints! (Photo via Steve Wood/Evening Standard/Getty)


To Catch A Prince

10. Grace Kelly: You’re sophisticated, disciplined and ambitious, and your style should absolutely reflect that, Cap! Grace Kelly offers the perfect mix of reserved sexiness and Old Hollywood glamour for you to harness in your personal and professional wardrobe choices. We’re thinking lots of slim cut, structured suits, tailored, high-rise shorts and cinched-waisted, strapless dresses. (Photo via Keystone/Getty Images)



11. Jackie Kennedy: The former First Lady was the first to bring style into the White House. She had an intellectual curiosity when it came to fashion, something you have in all aspects of your life, Aquarius. Her signature blend of modern and conservative pieces sparked numerous trends. Who better to appreciate that originality and progressiveness than you, forward-thinking Aquarius?


24th October 1963: Film star Brigitte Bardot (Camille Javal) on a visit to England. (Photo by Len Trievnor/Express/Getty Images)

12. Brigitte Bardot: Not only do you and Brigitte Bardot have a compassionate streak a mile long, sweet Pisces, you both also see getting dressed as an artistic expression of your mood. Bardot swung from sultry to sweet, French muse to American collegiate, having fun and experimenting with her style. You’re totally down for that intuitive way of dressing — and of course love, that perfectly messy bedhead. (Photo via Len Trievnor/Getty)

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