There鈥檚 no shortage of ways to get imaginative with your kids鈥 Elf on the Shelf, but just in case you鈥檝e tapped your own well of creativity dry, there鈥檚 one celeb that鈥檚 got you covered.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 12: Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar visits Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on December 12, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

In fact, even if you DON鈥橳 need any elf inspo, you鈥檒l want to check out Sarah Michelle Gellar (who鈥檚 jumping on the holiday cheer bandwagon)鈥檚 awesome elf posts, because, well, they鈥檙e kind of hilarious.

Santa Baby, I've been an awfully good girl...#ssws16

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She鈥檚 got about two weeks鈥 worth of materials thus far, but you can check out our top 10 faves of the RL Buffy鈥檚 creations below!

1. When the Elves Got Psyched for Hamilton: 鈥淟ooks like I鈥檓 not the only one in my house crazy exited for the #hamiltonmixtape release tomorrow,鈥 she wrote, throwing a $10 bill into the mix.

Looks like even the #elfontheshelf #cantstopthefeeling #trolls

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2. When They Couldn鈥檛 鈥淪top the Feeling:鈥 鈥淟ooks like even the #elfontheshelf #cantstopthefeeling,鈥 Sarah said of her trollified creations.

Come on baby let's do the twist #elfontheshelf

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3. When the Elves Got Extra Limber: Referring to Chubby Checker鈥檚 classic hit 鈥淭he Twist,鈥 Sarah put the elves in some compromising positions in order to win a game of Twister, saying, 鈥淐ome on baby; let鈥檚 do the twist.鈥

It's "league" night #elfontheshelf

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4. 鈥 And When They Geared Up for a Rousing Game of Bowling: 鈥淚t鈥檚 league night,鈥 SMG explained.

5. When They Proved to Be Poor Losers: 鈥淪o I guess I should begin by letting you know that the #justiceleague won the bowling match,鈥 Sarah said of the elves鈥 evil takeover. 鈥淧ayback鈥檚 a b*tch.鈥

Welcome to Hollywood...what's your dream?? #elfontheshelf

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6. When They Got Their Own Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: The elves made like Ryan Reynolds last week, cementing their handprints at鈥 the North Pole? Quoting from Pretty Woman, Sarah wrote, 鈥淲elcome to Hollywood..what鈥檚 your dream?鈥

#mannequinchallenge game is tight!!! #elfontheshelf for the win!!!

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7. When They Did the Mannequin Challenge: The elves got a little help from their pals for this one, which Sarah labeled, 鈥#mannequinchallenge game is tight!!! #elfontheshelf for the win!!!鈥

8. When They Joined the Witness Protection Program: Things got a little dark when the elves had to conceal their identity due to questionable habits. 鈥淭he identity of these elves is being hidden for their own protection,鈥 Sarah said, adding, 鈥淥n tonight鈥檚 episode of To Catch a Predator: North Pole,鈥 we reveal the dark side of Santa.鈥 Oh, my.

9. When Sarah Inserted Herself into the Mix: It wasn鈥檛 the kitchen scene the elves inhabited that had us LOL-ing so much as the background: 鈥淭iny elves deserve a tiny kitchen,鈥 Sarah reasoned. 鈥淣ot sure about the creepy large-sized woman in the window.鈥

10. When They Morphed into Mermaids/men: 鈥淪ome nights you just need to snuggle with the person you love in matching #mermaidtailblankets,鈥 Sarah said. (Please, please, please let this be a thing Sarah does with Freddie!)

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