First, we’re kind of cheating on the beige front. This happens to be beige and black, but we know you’ve all got a super neutral, boring dress in your closet, possibly bought for an interview, meeting the boyfriend’s parents, or a cocktail party with brand new boss. Whatever the reason you’ve got this thing in your closet, it’s time to trick it out. Turns out, it doesn’t have be as boring as black pantyhose and a low bun.

This series of looks is also awesome for packing light. We picked up this dress at none other than Forever 21. It doesn’t look our exact one is available online, but you can try this, this or this to achieve a similar look. With one staple piece, you can easily come up with dozens of looks for any season, any occasion, and any style. Here we go!

1. Ruffle It Up

To give your dress a softer more romantic look, ruffle it up! We layered a slightly sheer lacy hippie top and paired it with ruffled suede boots. Definitely gives this beige and black look a softer vibe.

2. T-Shirt + Chucks

Or go Tomboy with it. If you’re heading to the park after work, pack yourself a t-shirt and chucks to quickly switch your outfit from the boardroom to the baseball diamond.

3.Sophisticated Style

If you want to earn some style points, it’s all about adding a few gorgeous pieces. An airy white sweater, bold belt, and stripy heels take this dress from standard to uber-sophisticated.

4. Black Lace Layers

For a look that’s a little more evening-ready, throw a lacy slip dress over your shift. It has just the right amount of flirt without being too revealing.

5. Hot Pink Pop

Neon? Oh you know we love it. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a burst of color to to your boring business dress, throw on a bright layer of neon.

6. Timeless in Green

Or you can add color underneath the dress! We love this rich kelly green – it adds a bit of charm to the look but still works for a business meeting, cocktail party, or night out.

7. Modern Vogue

The moment we put this look together, we instantly thought of Madonna’s look in the classic Vogue video, but with a modern wearable twist. Simply roll up your dress and tuck into a pair of black trousers, add a big belt, and you’re done.

8. Cool Tweed

That’s right. Tweed is cool! Especially in the fall. Channel your inner New England prep school boy when you rock this fabric, and throw on a pair of aviators for an extra dose of swagger.

9. Autumn Boho

Feeling a little more casual? Roll up your dress so its more like a tunic, pair of a worn out pair of jeans, sandals, and a colorful crocheted poncho. Effortless style.

10.Penny Lane 2.0

Admittedly, the look before this is channeling the same Penny Lane vibe. You know, Penny Lane the ultimate Band-Aid (aka Groupie) from Almost Famous? Love the hippie top over a pair of leggings with chunky boots.

How do you update the basics in your closet? Be sure to check out our entire 10 Ways to Style series for more innovative styling ideas.

Is there anything else you’d like to see styled 10 ways? Let us know in the comments below!