What is sexy? There鈥檚 no right answer for that question 鈥 and thank goodness for that. Lingerie is generally considered to be the epitome of sexy, the clothing of sultriness, if you will. Mode.com鈥榮 latest video in their 鈥100 years鈥 series shows that our definition of sexy has changed in the last hundred years, and our provocative outfits have changed with them.


The video starts with 1915, when modesty was valued above all. And yes, it even applied to the lingerie 鈥 if you could call it that.


We stop through 1935 when brassiere and those pleated tap pants (want!!) were all the rage. Yup, lingerie was definitely done better back in the day.


Ah, the swinging, bra-burning 鈥60s 鈥 could forget it? The era also saw the birth of the cat-eye makeup look. Man, those were some wild times.


When you think about what was alluring in the 鈥80s, you automatically think Baywatch, aerobics videos鈥 and big hair of course.


Which brings us to 2015 where we鈥檙e challenging conventional notions of sexiness. With women like Liris Crosse booking landmark lingerie modeling gigs in the UK, Denise Bidot starring in an unedited swimwear campaign and Caitlyn Jenner with her amazing Vanity Fair cover, sensuality is found in everyone and found everywhere. So #effyourbeautystandards 鈥 or should we say, #effyoursexappealstandards?


The video ends with this extremely body positive message. Confidence is sexy. Amen to that.

Check out the video below.

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