Last year, Pinterest blew up with chic bathrooms boasting glam marble counters, subway tile and brass fixtures, and 2017’s trends promise to be just as stunning. Modern and minimal bathrooms are a classic look that’ll never really be “over,” but this year promises to bring TONS of personality with texture, color and quirky accessories. Think: colorful wallpaper, statement furniture and graphic tile patterns that’ll turn that necessary room into a mini sanctuary or home spa. Whether you’re planning a renovation or you just want some decor inspiration, the 20 trends below will keep your bathroom looking stylish for way longer than just a season.


1. Statement Furniture: The bathroom may not have been where you’d usually considering putting a chair or ottoman, but this setup might make you reconsider. If you’ve got the space, why not add a cozy perch where you can paint your nails? (via Yellow Trace)


2. Free-Standing Tubs: Whether a vintage claw-foot or a modern soaking tub, freestanding tubs are going to trend hard this year… for obvious reasons. SO gorgeous. This dreamy setup may only be available to those with plenty of space to spare, but that’s not going to stop us from pinning ALL the tubs to our dream house boards. (via Becki Owens)


3. Minimalist Cabinets: With bold tile patterns, colorful wallpaper and quirky light fixtures playing a key role in bathroom decor, it’s important to keep things in balance with minimalist cabinet shapes. Clean cabinets with simple knobs and handles ensure that the space doesn’t feel too crowded, no matter how small your powder room is. (via Amber Interiors)


4. Dedicated Vanities: Give your bathroom even more of a cool factor with a dedicated vanity. All you need is a stool and a mini table to make your bathroom feel extra luxe and give your morning makeup routine its own special space. Seriously, what beauty maven doesn’t dream of trays full of pretty polishes and creams? (via Heather Bullard)


5. Patterned Tiles: Patterned tile with swirly Mediterranean motifs are sure to be on everyone’s wish list this year. Encaustic tiles are coming back in a big way, and whether you’re fond of intricate, Moroccan-inspired designs or modern geometric shapes, they all have a certain “been here forever” rustic charm. (via Design Sponge)


6. Mismatched Tiles: Combining multiple types of tiles promises to be a cool and simple way to get a totally custom bathroom. Pair a monochromatic palette for serious visual impact and play around with layers of subway, hex and square tiles for a cool bathroom makeover. (via Lifestyle Studio)


7. Dark and Moody Walls: Even a small bathroom can rock a dark wall, especially if you paint the cabinets to match. Contrast with natural textures, like a jute rug and a wood-framed mirror, and you’ve got a gorg space that will never go out of style. (via Alyssa Rosenheck)


8. Quirky Wall Art: Often, bathroom wall art is all about fish and aquarium themes, but this year is going to see a resurgence in unexpected artwork. Whether it’s a bold wallpaper print or a complete gallery wall of modern prints, just call it the Loo-vre! (via Home Polish)


9. Unusual Throw Rugs: Buh-bye, ugly old bath mat — real throw rugs are taking over the bathroom in a definite upgrade from the usual fluffy versions. Bathrooms are being treated more like any other room, so it only makes sense to bring in a rug that you’d usually find in the kitchen or bedroom. (via Amber Interiors)


10. Luxe Products: Maybe it’s our need to Instagram everything, but it seems like everyone wants to get that five-star hotel feel in their bathroom with photogenic soap products. Get some chic shelving options mounted ASAP — you’re gonna want to show off those new Aesop soaps. (via My Leitmotiv)


11. Round Mirrors: Mirrors are a necessity, but this year’s trending look is round and as oversized as you can fit on your wall. They can go rustic or glam depending on whether you frame them or leave them au naturel. Either way, they manage to make the space feel much more grand than their square counterparts. (via Domino)

The Pink House

12. Wall-Mounted Faucets: Small bathrooms got a clever space-saving trick by simply mounting faucets right onto the wall. This trend looks especially stylish in weathered brass and black finishes against white tile or bold colored walls. (via A Beautiful Mess)


13. Free-Standing Vanities: Not only does a free-standing vanity give you more options style-wise, but it’s a fun way to incorporate personality into your bathroom. If you’re a pro at finding vintage finds, ditch the boring old bathroom cabinets for something far more “you.” (via Casework)


14. Fish Scale Tiles: Thanks to #mermaid goals, fish scale tiles are going to be a little more common this year. It’s a fun variation on the popular subway tiles that still maintains a fresh, feminine vibe. Pair blue pastel tiles with gold cabinetry for a glam look, or go more modern with a mix of Pantone-friendly green tiles in a luxe marble shower. (via Emily Henderson)


15. Spa-Like Accessories: It’s every girl’s dream to head to the spa on the daily (right?!), so why not turn your bathroom into your own private retreat? Personality is key in bathroom design, and adding items like a potted fern and quirky stool will make the room practical AND fashionable. (via Gravity Home)


16. Unusual Light Fixtures: Why is the bathroom always the last room to get all the good stuff? Make 2017 the year you finally give it a lighting makeover. Whether it’s with a glam chandelier or a colorful pendant, a fun light fixture will add major personality to your space. (via Domino)


17. Bold Cabinetry: Bright and colorful cabinets took over kitchens last year, and now the trend is coming into our bathrooms. Navy blue and pure black are going to be go-to shades for cabinets this year — the bold tones look stunning with gold fittings and clean white countertops. (via My Domaine)


18. Different Metals: Brass and gold will still play a leading role in bathrooms, but darker tones and silver metals will be trending this year too. Everything from matte black to pewter looks stunning paired with pastel walls, modern cabinetry and vintage accents. (via My Domaine)


19. Creative Storage: It seems like there is NEVER enough storage in the bathroom, which is why it’s nice to see designers getting creative with it. Whether it’s a lidded basket to keep dirty laundry under wraps or honeycomb wall shelves to house nail polish, customized storage will be all the rage this year. (via A Place of My Taste)


20. Sea Foam Green: Pastel pink bathrooms might have rocked 2016, but thanks to Pantone’s earthy 2017 colors, sea foam green promises to be hot, hot, hot this season. It’s a stunning tile color, especially when paired with marble countertops and a colorful rug. (via Elizabeth Roberts)

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