Blake Lively is the kind of friend you want in your corner. She’s goofy, loyal to her friends, and protective of her family. And her rule-breaking and down-to-earth style totally makes us want to raid her closet.

Blake Lively’s Instagram is basically a non-stop showcase of all the ways she is the totally real and totally relatable girl that makes her feel like she’s all of our BFF. Here are 40 of the top times we wanted to be a part of her crew.

1. She’s not afraid to look super silly. Goofy points!

2. She has absolutely no chill when meeting other celebs. Though TBH, Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown looks pretty stoked too.

3. She stages photo shoots of her killer manis instead of doing all the other million things she needs to do when the kids are in bed.

4. She FaceTimes her besties (and screencaps it, bc duh).

5. Her love for Disney will never die.

6. She hides at the gym instead of working out because ew, no thank you.

7. Tagging the Muppets is the only thing you can do when your selfie makes you look like Beaker.

8. Her boo delivers her fave treats when he’s feeling guilty about screwing up — and she relishes in it.

9. She calls out sexist crap.

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...I clearly don't deserve this special treatment.

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10. Snacking waits for NO ONE, not even fancy hair and makeup people.

11. Meeting Patti Smith is an otherworldy experience for your bestie Blake, just as it would be for us too.

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Take your daughter to work day!

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12. She tries to act casual about showing off her *killer* summer outfits, but really knows she looks amazing. Same, TBH.

13. Being able to laugh at yourself is KEY.

14. Throwing a hoodie over everything — even a Michael Kors mini — is just smart.

15. She’s always copying her older sister.

16. She freaks out over sharing jewelry with Beyoncé because she is ONLY HUMAN.

17. Sharing old pics of your dad on Father’s Day is an Instagram rite of passage, even for Blake.

18. Sometimes even stars just need an inspirational pick me up.

19. She shouts out her amazing mom — and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty for photo ops!

20. Most. Epic. Throwback. Ever. Again with the Disney love!


22. You gotta be the villain sometimes!

23. Of COURSE she’s the cool aunt!

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Two Deadpools, one cup. Your turn #💀💩L

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24. A juvenile sense of humor is the quickest way to our hearts.

25. She plans the BEST V-Day cooking and crafting nights.

26. When the meme is just too relatable.

27. Blake does her part.

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To infinity ...AND BEYOND!!! 🚀

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28. NO ONE can resist taking pics when you get the window seat. No one.

29. Sneaking into the fan premiere of your husband’s new movie is the move.

30. Same, TBH.

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New Years resolutions??? 😳 not sure this counts.

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31. She shares your love affair with pizza <3

32. Whatever is going on in this old Lively family pic really explains why Blake is the way she is!

33. Always up for an adventure and ~making mems ~ together.

34. Trying to dress up sweatpants in public? CHECK.

35. Only a fool would pass up this photo op.

36. Nothing better than bad photoshop for an inside joke.

37. When ur just trying to cook a good meal and your BFF won’t let you.

38. This makes us think that having Blake as a BFF would mean getting LOTS of texts about all the great Instagram lurking being done.


40. Real AF.

Even when she’s full glam on the red carpet, Blake still manages to feel like the girl next door. We hereby declare her our BFF forever.

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