Book clubs are awesome and all (especially when you start a unique club or are part of Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf) but sometimes, you just want to mix things up! Instead of spending all that solitary time reading, start an active or more engaging club. From DIYs to super yummy desserts, we have five suggestions of club themes for your BFF crew.

Wonderful Objects

1. Subscription Box Club: If you have the occasional subscription box service delivered to your doorstep, then you are way too familiar with the plight of receiving items you have little interest in or would ever use. Some of the things are cool; they’re just not for you. If this has happened to you and your BFFs, then a sub box club might be the solution! Plus, you might be subscription-box curious and wonder what else is out there. For this club, each one of you tries a different subscription box. When they have all arrived, open them together (you’ll need to have some patience) and then trade the items you don’t want. (Just in case you need a suggestion, check out our awesome list of sub boxes here.)

Various types of cake on a table

2. Dessert Club: Who doesn’t love dessert? For a really delicious club, have your group meet once a month to indulge in tasty treats. Each meeting, have your sweet-toothed pals focus on a different kind of dessert — do cakes one month, cookies another, ice cream a third and so on. You can switch it up where everyone makes a cake or have each member of your gang go to a different local bakery to compare and contrast. One thing is for sure: This will be the sweetest club ever!

Jungle Book DVD

3. Movie Club: For your fellow movie lovers, meet up and have a themed movie night. But don’t just watch the movie; dress in the style of the era, create a signature cocktail and serve snacks that fit with the theme. For example, let’s say you get the gang together to watch The Jungle Book. Wear something red in honor of Mowgli’s shorts, drink Hibernating Honey Bear (bourbon with honey sage syrup) to celebrate Baloo and serve up Indian-inspired snacks like sweet potato samosas with mango chutney. (Photo via Walt Disney Studios)

women volunteering

4. Charity Club: Do some good while you’re hanging out with your BFFs. Each meeting, pick a different charity to help, whether it’s doing something special for seniors or assembling toiletry bags for the homeless. For inspiration, visit Volunteer Match. They’ll be able to help you find a good fit for your big-hearted crew. It’s such a great way to bond with your buddies while helping the world. (Photo via Getty)


5. DIY Club: Get crafty with a new DIY at each gathering. You could go to Pinterest for inspo and go out and hunt down all the elements you need, or we can also make it crazy easy (and way cool) for you. Brit + Co has a huge assortment of DIY Kits that would be great for a group activity. Y’all could make a custom pineapple cutting board, learn to do embroidery or letter-stamp some leather coasters. You’ll get your creativity flowing and everyone goes home with something wonderful!

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