Whether you’re celebrating your S.O.’s very first Father’s Day or honoring a special bond with your own dear old dad, you’ll likely want to spend some QT with the father-figure in your life today. Lucky for you, we know just how: Grab a seat on the couch next to your favorite patriarch, kick back, and get ready to feel as these eight father-centric Netflix flicks warm your heart.

1. My Father the Hero: Katherine Heigl’s breakthrough role came as Nikki Arnel, the daughter of one André Arnel, who takes his estranged teenage girl on a trip to the Bahamas to bond. While things get terribly, terribly mixed up from there (Nikki pretends to be her dad’s girlfriend to get the attention of a local boy), André will do just about anything for her — including swimming out to sea when he thinks she’s in trouble and helping her bag the object of her affections. (Photo via Buena Vista Pictures)

2. Big Daddy: If ever there was a film to prove you don’t need to be biologically related to a child to become a father, it’s Big Daddy. Adam Sandler might not share blood with little Julian, who suddenly surfaces on his doorstep, but he falls head over heels for him anyway with the type of parental love that can’t be denied. Hey, any guy that’s willing to dress up as Scuba Steve to get their kid to take a bath is an A+ father in our books! (Photo via Columbia Pictures)

3. Finding Dory: Thanks to Finding Nemo, we already knew that Marlin loved his son so much he was willing to swim across the entire sea — literally — to find him, but in the film’s sequel, Finding Dory, we get to see the two work together as a team. Marlin not only teaches Nemo useful lifelong lessons and skills, but Nemo (and Dory!) teach Marlin a thing or two, as well. (Photo via Walt Disney Studios)

4. Daddy Day Care: Eddie Murphy plays a dad to not only his own son, Ben, as Daddy Day Care’s Charlie Hinton, but a whole slew of ‘em when he opens a day care with his best pal and fellow unemployed dad, Phil. The two are a success, but the biggest success of all comes when Charlie realizes how important it is to spend time with Ben along the way. (Photo via Columbia Pictures)

5. Armageddon: If there’s ever been a more heartfelt father/daughter moment in film than the one that occurs between Armageddon’s Harry and Grace Stamper as he’s saying goodbye to her prior to saving the world, we’ve yet to see it. Stamper may be overprotective, but he loves his girl through and through, and only wants to see her happy, as his actions ultimately prove. (Photo via Buena Vista Pictures)

6. To Kill a Mockingbird: Not only is To Kill a Mockingbird’s father figure, Atticus Finch, a model dad, raising his two children singlehandedly after their mother unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, but he’s a model human being. His toughest lessons come while teaching values such as justice, compassion, and empathy when he defends a wrongfully accused black man, as the rest of the town judges him based on the color of his skin. (Photo via Universal Pictures)

7. Pete’s Dragon:Pete’s Dragon, while largely focused on a mystical dragon creature living in the woods with his best friend Pete, also features several strong father figures in Mr. Meachum, who teaches his cynical, park ranger daughter a thing or two about belief, and Jack, a hardworking lumberjack who welcomes Pete into his life in his time of need. (Photo via Walt Disney Pictures)

8. Boyhood: Mason Evans Sr. might not look like an all-star pop on the surface — in fact, he’s not around much at all… at first. But later in the film, he comes to bond with son Mason and daughter Samantha, having all those uncomfortable moments that parents do when they want to help steer their kids in the right direction — like talks of contraception and the opposite sex. (Photo via IFC Films/Universal Pictures)

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