This may be heavy, but it’s also so very important: A man has been convicted of rape for removing his condom during sex without his partner’s knowledge or consent. In a time when rapists and those accused of sexual assault are being given BS slaps on the wrist (watch Audrie & Daisy for two heartbreaking examples), handed awards (seriously, sexual assault activist Brie Larson had to hand Casey Affleck his Golden Globe) and even elected as president (Trump, anyone?), this case and resulting conviction is (hopefully) a significant step forward.

man holding condom

The scary sitch went down in Switzerland, where a woman engaged in a physical relationship with a man from France that she met on Tinder. On their second date, the woman realized the man had removed his condom while they were being intimate without her knowledge and definitely without her consent.

Feel free to take a moment to truly appreciate what a piece of trash and truly horrendous person this dude is.

man in handcuffs

The Criminal Court in Lausanne agreed that the woman would not have had sex with the man without the condom, and without consent, the act was rape.

A landmark decision for the country, the 47-year-old will still only receive a 12-month suspended sentence, but hopefully this will lead to further convictions in the future, as well as a warning (and deterrent) to assaulting creeps out there.

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(h/t The Daily Dot; photos via BSIP/UIG + Chris Ryan/Getty)