Agua fresca, which is Spanish for “fresh water,” is a combination of fruit, flowers, herbs or seeds, sweetened and blended with water to create a refreshing beverage. It’s kind of like lemonade, but significantly sexier. So go ahead, fish around your fruit bowl and blend up an agua fresca of your own! Here are 12 fresh and fruity recipes to get you on your way to fresca fabulousness.

1. Lazy Frescas: For a simple no-fuss recipe, check out this cheat sheet and simplify the process from start to sip. It even suggests using sparkling water for a fizzier agua fresca! (via Babble)

2. Watermelon Lime: Watermelon is the perfect base because it’s sweet and also has a super high water content. Liven it up with a squeeze of lime and you’ve got yourself a perfect pick-me-up! (via Lauren Conrad)

3. Papaya Lime: Juicy melons and blackberries are married together for a refreshing drink that’s as delicious as it looks. (via The View From Great Island)

4. Jalapeño Watermelon: The perfect complement to a creamy guacamole, this spicy take on a traditional agua fresca is sure to add some zing to any occasion. (via The Pig and Quill)

5. Blueberry Mint: Fit for a queen, this recipe features summer berries and fresh mint — with optional edible flowers. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

6. Mango Ginger: If you can find a ripe mango, or have time to let one ripen, chop it up and sip away. (via Garnish with Lemon)

7. Vanilla Nectarine: Why wrap summer’s freshest produce in a pie crust when you can enjoy it in a glass? This fresh nectarine agua fresca adds a splash of vanilla for an indulgent taste with no guilt! (via The Kitchn)

8. Agua Fresca Popsicles: The only thing more delightful than sipping an agua fresca is enjoying it as a light and summery popsicle! Try these variations with watermelon and cantaloupe for a fast and easy frozen fix. (via Little Inspiration)

9. Coconut Guava: This creamy twist on agua fresca combines tropical flavors like coconut and guava to transport you to an island of pure beverage bliss. (via Honestly Yum)

10. Watermelon Basil: This pick gets a special bite of freshness from summer basil — perfect for friends and foodies alike. (via The Kitchn)

11. Cantaloupe: Try this recipe, which calls for juicy cantaloupe and fresh mint, for a unique summer treat. We think it’d be the perfect mate for some tasty tacos. (via The Little Epicurean)

12. Watermelon Agua Fresca Mimosa: This recipe guru did what we were all thinking all along… she spiked her fresca with some champagne to make it a mimosa! Genius.

Thirsty yet? Try out these combinations, or mix up your own, and let us know what you think in the comments below.