Who says you can鈥檛 find love online? One of this year鈥榮 Olympic medal winners, Aly Raisman had a lot of speculation surrounding her dating life. Her celebrity star rose when it was announced that she would be part of Team USA鈥檚 gymnastics team, and since her stint on Dancing With the Stars, there has been so much gossip surrounding the gymnast鈥檚 dating life, especially when Raiders player Colton Underwood used social media in August to ask his not-so-secret crush out on a date.

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - December 8, 2016

Just after the closing ceremonies, Sports Illustrated put together the above mentioned video called 鈥How to date Aly Raisman.鈥 In it, the Olympian was asked a series of questions and paired, hypothetically, with various athletes. Toward the end of the video, a short pop-up appeared and surprised Raisman. It鈥檚 Oakland Raiders footballer Colton Underwood, asking Raisman out on a date. The question was adorable, and it left Raisman speechless.

Fast forward to last night鈥檚 Sports Illustrated鈥檚 Sportsperson of the Year awards, and who happens to show up arm in arm? You guessed it, Aly Raisman and her new boyfriend Colton Underwood. The couple looks adorable together and are all smiles announcing their official relationship.

2016 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year

Raisman confirmed that the couple have been dating since the VMA鈥檚 way back in August (when he made his video!), and that she鈥檒l be spending the holidays with his family. We are loving how adorable this couple is 鈥 they give us major hope that online dating isn鈥檛 just a waste of our time.

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(h/t New York Magazine; Photos via Astrid Shwartz/Gary Gershoff/Getty)