Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch Are Halloween #CouplesGoals As the Kids from Stranger Things
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Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch Are Halloween #CouplesGoals As the Kids from Stranger Things

If Hilary Duff and BF Jason Walsh were the prime example of how NOT to do a couples costume last night, Amy Schumer and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch were the prime example of a DO.

Though Amy has seen her fair share of controversy regarding cultural insensitivity herself, last night, she was showing the rest of Hollywood how it’s done with her and Ben’s amazing recreation of the Stranger Things kids.

Not only was their getup one of the year’s five most Googled looks, these two really pulled out all the stops to get it right.

Ben is absolutely HILARIOUS as Eleven in his pink plaid dress and semi-shaved head, while Amy makes for a super sheepish curly-haired Dustin.

A close-up of the duo reveals the extreme attention to detail they gave their looks, going so far as to add in Eleven’s chronic nosebleed that appears after she’s used her powers.

Ben really goes for it in the facial expression department too — he’s so committed to that stare, in fact, that he doesn’t even let up while riding bikes, eerily fixating on the camera as Amy ― we mean Dustin — tries to keep up. “Eleven, wait up, it’s me!” she yells out.

We mean… just check out that body posture!

Their night ended with what looks like a rousing rendition of karaoke, though, as Amy admits, “Neither of us can remember what the song was.”

Whatever it was, it certainly looks fun! Happy Halloween, you two!

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(Photo via Gareth Cattermole/Getty)