Stuck a few nights before Halloween and still haven’t figured out the perfect costume? Well, if our guides haven’t helped you figure out what to be this holiday, you can always throw a mask on, right? But rather than look like every other last-minute costume hunter, try printing out and designing your own with this super cool and slightly freaky anime-inspired template.

These cute-creepy masks come in four designs. Each one can easily be assembled with a pair of scissors, a color printer, adhesive and a rubber band. Then it’s up to you to design an appropriate anime look to wear alongside your new kawaii face.

The masks have already gained a devoted following. A Tumblr dedicated to the faces and their related costumes will give you inspiration for how you can transform the look even further.

Sure, they’re a little unnatural and they remind us of the girl from The Ring but, hey, isn’t Halloween all about being freaked out? And those big eyes are perfect for luring in a curious bystander before you scare them silly. Happy Halloweening!

Would you wear these masks for Halloween? Too creepy or just right? Tell us in the comments below!