You decorated your place so perfectly this winter that it basically was an Anthropologie window IRL. Now that all the glitz and garland is packed away though, you鈥檙e feeling less inspired about what home decor is setting the tone for home: 2016. When your instinct is to head to your fave home goods outlet (spelled A.N.T.H.R.O.) and drop major bills on all of its gorgeous new stock, hack the decor instead with these simple + beautiful DIYs. Whether you鈥檙e in the market for a throw pillow, something to spruce up your house plants or one of those effortlessly cool accessories you didn鈥檛 even know you needed, these 14 easy Anthropologie hacks will give your space that new year makeover for so much less.


1. DIY Copper Desk Accessory: Recreate this copper lattice basket ($14+) by spray painting a hand-me-down or even thrifted basket. A few coats will make all of those mismatched storage containers look chic and cohesive. (via Burkatron)


2. DIY Dino Planter: As awesome as these Anthro wild wanderer planters ($20) are, in our book, dinosaurs win every time. Technically you can make an air plant holder out of any plastic animal 鈥 just drill a hole and you鈥檙e done. (via Brit + Co)


3. DIY Poster Hanger: Art is expensive, especially if you still have to frame it. Skip the cost of this wall print hanger ($68+) and DIY an Anthro-inspired one of your own. (via Crafted)


4. DIY Monogrammed Ring Cones: As adorable as they are, it鈥檚 unclear how it鈥檚 even possible that these ceramic ring cones ($38) are so expensive when you can make them for less than $10. Leave the high price tag for those accessories you鈥檒l be sporting. Pick up some clay and have fun with colors and patterns to DIY your own ring cone forest. (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Constellation Dishes: Look to the stars for your next home improvement project. It doesn鈥檛 matter if you鈥檙e a Libra or a Pisces 鈥 it鈥檚 super easy to get the look of these star sign trinket dishes ($14) for next to nothing. (via Kittenhood)


6. DIY Wood Trinket Cup: Anthro鈥檚 iridescent angles vases ($78) definitely make a statement, but this faceted cup made out of wooden bangles is way more fun. Spray it with mirror spray paint to copy the iridescent shimmer or leave its natural wood grain. Pro tip: Put a small glass vase inside the wood if you鈥檙e using it for flowers. (via Make and Tell)


7. DIY Glitter Pencil Case: If you鈥檙e a tiny bit in love with Anthro鈥檚 metallic idiom pencil case ($24), you definitely need to outfit your workspace with some punny accessories. Jazz up a plain pencil case with confetti glitter or a gold-lettered statement. (via Studio DIY)


8. DIY Copper Concrete Lamp: To hack the gold-dipped Anthro pillar lamp ($98), DIY a simple concrete lamp base and then spray paint half of the base gold. Concrete is super easy to work with (really!) and the metallic accents in this copper DIY really take the look to the next level. (via Brit + Co)


9. DIY Watercolor Plates: Anthro鈥檚 super cute and bubbly Clemence bath containers ($28+) can totally be done for less money and in as many different colors as you can dream up. Just make sure you use the DIY version in places like the bathroom or under a candle since they aren鈥檛 safe for food. (via Sugar and Charm)


10. DIY Pineapple Ring Dish: Scare away those winter blues with some tropical accessories. Just cut a pineapple shape out of clay and DIY your own catch-all tray. Spray paint it gold to hack the Ananas trinket dish ($14) from Anthropologie or play with patterns and bright colors to DIY a dish that鈥檚 all your own. (via Idle Hands Awake)


11. DIY Diamond Hanging Planter: Can you believe you can hack these crystal-cut hanging planteres ($38) from just some cardboard, paint and leather straps? Once you鈥檝e crafted your own, stick to succulents and air plants since there is minimal watering involved. (via The Crafted Sparrow)


12. DIY Yarn Fringe Pillow: Instead of buying a set of new throw pillows like these Moroccan wedding pillows ($78), embellish one that you already have. Personalize your Anthro-inspired pillow with chunky yarn fringe and lots of tassels for a soft, textured look. (via A Beautiful Mess)


13. DIY Chalkboard Globe: What would make a travel lover happier than this chalkboard globe ($36+) from Anthropologie? Answer: This DIY version that they can personalize with their travel bucket list and most memorable vacations. (via Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake)


14. DIY Copper聽Air Plant Holders: Anthropologie鈥檚 hexacut candle holder ($28+) rocks everyone鈥檚 two favorite decor trends: gold and geometric shapes. Rock the metallic trend even harder by making your own geometric plant holders out of metal straws and some string. (via Brit + Co)

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