Yoga is all about discipline, but also all about trying to get your towel to stay on your mat neatly throughout the whole class. Sweat drips with every pose, especially in hot yoga classes where temps are cranked, and your towel is the only thing that keeps you from slipping, whether it gets crumpled from those balancing pose recoveries or not. Instructors will always say, “Don’t worry about fixing your yoga costume or your towel — you can still get through the flow.” But the little voice in your head is saying, “no I caaaaan’t.” Now, it looks like the yoga towel struggle is over.


Your towel is guaranteed to stay well-behaved throughout your entire class thanks to this genius Aviska Yoga Towel. With their patent-pending, cornerless design, the mat “wears” the towel like you might wear a shirt. And when you move, it actually stays put, unlike regular towels which bunch and shift with every downward dog. All you have to do to attach it to your mat is wrap the corners around. Voila.


The microfiber towels are the moisture-wicking, quick-drying kind that yogis everywhere prefer — plus, they’re thin and easy to pack. Roll it onto your mat before class and, since it will *actually* stay put, you can aim your focus where you really want it — on your breath, your moves and your practice. (Or on the hot guy next to you, whatever you like).


The towel comes in three sizes for different mats and heights and in a variety of lovely colors. A Kickstarter contribution of $55 gets you in the door with your choice of size and color and $99 gives you access to Aviska’s combo pack that includes a yoga mat made of eco-friendly materials, a mat-sling for easy carry and their innovative towel. Bunch-free towels are scheduled to arrive at your feet (literally) in early 2016.

Which color would you like? Excited for this new fitness accessory? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!