Halloween 2017 is right around the corner, which means a slew of Pinterest-approved costume ideas will be headed your way. But when it comes to spooky beauty, there is only one trending style that gets lazy girls and Halloween aficionados alike excited — bat wing eyeliner. Whether you’re a die-hard Batman fangirl looking for a way to elevate your superhero costume, or are just on the hunt for a quick accent to trick out your Halloween-themed clothes, these tutorials are a treat for the eyes.

1. Kat Von D Inspired Bat Wing + Star: Practice your DIY-skills with this fab tutorial for a classic cat-eye meets bat wing tip using black liner on your nude lid. Psst! This one was inspo’d by the glam-goddess-slash-makeup-maven, Kat Von D, so you know it’s bound to turn heads.

2. Glitter Wings: Sparkle lovers, rejoice, because you can get in on the action too. Contour with a deep plum shade to add depth before swiping on a matte, lilac lippie.

3. Dramatic Bat Wing: This vamp-y, feathered bat wing looks just low-key enough to sport beyond the 31st. Whip out your favorite red lip color and go big on the highlighter for a French-girl-gone-goth take.

4. Dramatic Bat Wing: Go big or go home when you opt for this beauty babe’s high-contrast design. Her flared, matte-black liner slays with a slick, crimson lip, and burgundy-lined lower lids. Her blood-red additions are ready for a spooky night on the town.

5. Above-the-Lash Wings: What lashes? Edgy gals can rock chunky, black liner with distinctive, geometric ridges in lieu of a traditional smokey eye.

6. Embellished Wing + Bat Decal: This artistic version totally werks with a vampy lip, but it’s the mini bat decals that steal the show.

7. Bat Wing Liner With Orange Shadow: Bring on the drama courtesy of a set of fierce falsies and a holiday-approved color combo.

8. Bat Wing Liner With Green Shadow: Just in case an all-orange lid isn’t your jam, here’s how to blend two Halloween-approved hues in a totally wear-able way that looks ghoulishly good.

9. Metallic Bat Wing Eye Shadow: Get ready to win all the costume contests when you add this high-arched look to the mix. Rock a full lid and top it off with metallic gold foil if you’re feeling creative.

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