As 2017 comes to an end, there’s no better time to reflect on the beauty lessons we’ve learned this year. Whether you finally understood the importance of taking off your makeup before bed or attempted to use an extracting tool for the first time, we know you tried your hardest to care for your skin and hair. Keep the momentum going with this list of new beauty resolutions that will help you (and your skin and hair!) stay on track as you kick off 2018.

1. Never sleep in your makeup. It’s easy to pass out before properly removing your makeup — especially after a late night — but nothing can justify the damage this does to your skin. Side effects can range from clogging your pores to more serious infections, not to mention that you’re much more likely to wake up to a breakout in the morning. Keep a tiny bottle of micellar water next to your bed with a few cotton pads so you can stick to this resolution no matter how late you get home!

2. Finally learn how to properly polish your digits. This year, get serious about at-home, DIY manis. Salon trips can be expensive and time-consuming, and saving a bit of cash on this will definitely add up. To get professional-quality results, try a liquid latex cuticle guard like this option from Mani Defender ($7).

3. Don’t pick your zits. In 2018, make a resolution to keep your hands off your face when you’re in breakout mode! Instead of succumbing to the urge to pop or pick, use an extractor tool or a micro-needle patch. Taking care of a zit the right way, with one of these tools, will heal your complexion faster and leave you less prone to scarring.

4. Rely less on hot tools. Even though firing up your straightener or favorite curling wand can give you a super sleek or trendy ‘do, they can leave your strands weak and brittle. Make a resolution to opt for no-heat hairstyles a few days a week to curb your hot tool habit.

5. Stop biting your nails. Kick this habit ASAP and focus on growing long, strong, healthy nails in 2018. Grab a nail polish like Mavala Stop ($11), which is specially formulated to reduce the urge to bite.

6. Leave your split ends alone. Mindlessly pulling apart your frazzled split ends is a bad beauty habit lots of us are guilty of. Often, we don’t even realize we’re doing it! Make a conscious effort to keep the ends of your hair out of your hands and instead, get a trim so you’re not even tempted.

7. Start using a night cream. If you want to get serious about your skincare this year, using a night cream is a must. It might seem unnecessary to have a separate moisturizer to use while you catch some ZZZ’s, but it’s crucial to effectively nourish your skin as it repairs itself overnight — and your average moisturizer just won’t cut it.

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