You’re counting down the days until your baby arrives. You’ve nested like no one has ever nested and you’ve read every parenting book you could get your hands on. Great. But let’s talk baby names. If you’re blanking when it comes to what you’ll call your February family addition for the rest of his or her life, we’ve got just the thing. We’re coming to the rescue with names inspired by recent events, Valentines and maybe a few celebrities. Check out these 10 names that we predict will be trending this month.


Girl Baby Names

1. Rose: Inspired by the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day, Rose is a classic name that would be perfect for your own February gift. And with more celebrities naming their children after flowers, the new heyday of flower names might be upon us.

2. Esme: A French name derived from the word meaning “love,” Esme was made famous by J.D. Salinger when he wrote the story For Esme, With Love and Squalor. It also gained a little more popularity as the name of the vampire matriarch in Twilight… which you may choose to ignore.

3. Anastasia: If you happen to be a huge 50 Shades of Grey fan, then the name Anastasia might be at the top of your list for your little lady. And since the movie comes out this month, the name is at the top of everyone’s minds.

4. Felicity: When the Oscar 2015 noms came out, we were reminded of Felicity Jones’ outstanding performance in The Theory of Everything. We were also reminded of how much we love the name Felicity, and we’ll be rooting for her when the Oscars air this month.

5. Amal: Amal Alamuddin made her red carpet debut last month, and now we’re all wishing we could be as classy as she was on George Clooney’s arm. Maybe naming your daughter Amal will make her just as lucky.

Boy Baby Names

1. Amory: Reminiscent of the word “amor,” Latin for love, this Valentine-inspired name is German in origin, but was made most famous by F. Scott Fitzgerald as the name of the protagonist in This Side of Paradise.

2. Archer: Name your new little cupid after the February icon’s famous occupation. This more modern name would be an adorable, yet subtle nod to your baby’s birth month.

3. Lincoln: Pay homage to Honest Abe, whose birthday was also in February, with this surprisingly popular name. And how cute is the nickname “Linc?”

4. Brady: After Tom Brady’s Super Bowl win this month, we’re sure there will be plenty of little Bradys born in the next few weeks. But the name has history behind it as well… as the name given to Miranda’s red-headed son on Sex and the City.

5. Stuart (or Scott): This past January, the sports world lost the beloved Stuart Scott to his tough, inspiring battle against cancer. Either name would be a good, solid name for a baby boy born this month.

Did we spark some name ideas? Let us know what you plan on naming your new baby in the comments!