What is everyone eating during “The Big Game?” Food Network, makers of insanely tasty recipes, claims it already knows the top game-day food trends for this year. While some are tried-and-true classics, others are straight-up oozy monstrosities that are Instagram-ready. Just kidding — everything, including the ginormous grilled cheese, looks ultra snackable. Without further ado, here are the three foods bound to appear on coffee tables across America this weekend.

big batch recipes

Meatball subs, giant grilled cheeses, and more sheet-pan-assembled-and-baked sandos are big hits right now. Everyone loves a good cheese pull.

Larger Than Life Food

For “The Big Game,” people GO BIG when it comes to the food spread. Giant pig-in-a-blanket, giant peanut butter cup stuffed with Reese’s Pieces, as well as the aforementioned grilled cheese will widen the eyes of all your guests (plus make them cheer).

buffalo everything

Turkey wings, buffalo chicken dip, and the veg-friendly buffalo cauliflower with blue cheese sauce are just a smattering of the buffalo-sauce-drenched foods likely to be served on Sunday. Now, all you need is a cold brewsky.

For more recipe ideas and cooking tips, tune into Food Network’s Facebook Live #GameDayEats event on Feb. 3 at 10am ET.

(Photos via Food Network)