Blake Lively has *incredible* hair. Period. From having a super strong braid game to using the genius beauty hack of mayonnaise on the ends of her hair to keep it shiny + healthy (talk about a DIY hair treatment!) to taking the bronde haircolor plunge, she always seems to be sporting the perfect hairstyle on her signature long, wavy strands. So we were totally shocked to see Blake step out with a new shorter ‘do. That’s right: Blake Lively is the latest celebrity to sport a lob — the lengthier, shoulder-grazing form of a traditional bob — and we’re not gonna lie, we almost didn’t recognize her.


Snapped on the set of Woody Allen’s WASP 2015, Blake is seen with her long, flowing, blonde hair gone. Well, at least it appears that way. There’s a strong possibility that Blake is sporting a wig (she is filming a movie right now, after all, but even if that’s the case, it still looks amaze and totally natural). It could also be that she’s just rolled up those long strands into a faux lob, one of the best hair hacks in the books. Whichever is the case, Blake’s current look is super bouncy, soft and glamorous — the mix of the retro-feeling style + strawberry blonde locks are, once again, on point because of course (didn’t ya’ll see Age of Adeline? Blake can crush a vintage look).


To get this look yourself, you don’t necessarily have to go running to your hairstylist. Like Blake (maybe), you can fake shorter hair easily and convincingly.

Here’s how: Give yourself a deep side part. Then, put your hair in medium-sized rollers and set them on top of your head with pins for a couple hours (if you want your hair to be super bouncy, do this with wet hair). Pay special attention to the rollers at the front of your face — take your time on them because they’ll create the curls that really define the look. Release the rollers and brush through the curls with a soft-bristled brush. Set with a light (aka not crunchy) hairspray and you’ll soon be giving Blake a run for her money — wig or not ;)

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(h/t Marie Claire; featured photo via Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty; photos via Robert Kamau/Getty)