We think it’s safe to say that the struggle to achieve perfect hair is universal among all women. And unfortunately, bad hair days have plagued us all, regardless of whether we’ve got straight, curly, short or long hair (unless, of course, you’re Kate Middleton). Your bathroom cabinet is probably filled with hot oil treatments, conditioning masks and serums galore, but achieving healthy, shiny hair could be as easy as switching up your hair brush. Yup, it’s all about that brush. Our handy-dandy guide will help you pick the right brush for your hair needs and get you one step closer to achieving your best locks ever.

Best All-Around Brush


1. Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hair Brush ($205): Loved by hair stylists worldwide, this is the queen of the hair brush world. The natural boar bristles distribute oils evenly and give you dazzling shine, while the nylon bristles provide a bit more grip for detangling and styling. The price tag may be hefty, but these brushes are made to last a lifetime.


2. Denman D81M ($13): If shelling out $200 on a hairbrush seems outrageous to you (and we’re with you on that one), pick up this more affordable version that boasts the same natural boar and nylon bristle combo.

Best for Smoothing Long Hair


3. Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush ($22): Paddle brushes are great for taming frizzy hair and creating sleek styles without a lot of volume, and the large face also makes it so much easier to brush out long hair. While these brushes generally work best at smoothing out naturally straight or wavy hair, they’re also a good everyday brush for detangling curly hair.


4. Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush ($6): We’re amazed at the sheer genius of this simple idea. A standard paddle brush is padded with an absorbent material that removes water and cuts down on styling time.

Best for Creating Bombshell Volume


5. Dry Bar Full Pint Medium Round Brush ($40): Who doesn’t want Victoria’s Secret-esque hair? Blow drying with a round brush like this one from Dry Bar will give you just that. Avoid the all-natural bristles for a more permanent kind of styling — the nylon and ceramic retain heat, making the brush act more like a curling iron.


6. Spornette Porcupine Collection ($7-$8): Another cult favorite, these Spornette brushes give you the benefits of both boar and nylon bristles. Pick the smaller size for shorter hair and the bigger one for long, bouncy waves.

Best for Curly Hair


7. Michael Mercier Detangling Brush ($15): If you’ve been blessed with a gorgeous head of curls, you know that brushing your hair without damaging it can be a real challenge. This brush is specifically made for getting through those tough knots and gently untangling thick hair.


8. Ouidad Double Detangler Comb ($26): The double rows of teeth are strategically placed to glide through curls with zero ripping and tugging. This comb also works great on both wet and dry hair.

Best for Bobs and Bangs


9. Ibiza Hair B2 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush ($41): These natural bristles are gentle on fine or short strands, and the small size is ideal for styling your bangs or that rockin’ new lob you just got.

Best for Wet Hair


10. The Wet Brush ($9): Hair is at its most fragile state when it’s wet, and aggressive brushing or combing can cause serious breakage. The Wet Brush is here to save the day and comes in so many adorable colors. Another perk? They also come in mini sizes, making them perfect to keep in the shower or toss in your bag for your next beach outing.

Best for Killing Dandruff


11. Goody Styling Therapy Copper Cushion Oval Brush ($11): The copper-infused bristles are proven to reduce dandruff-causing bacteria and put an end to itchy, flaky scalps. Plus, it’ll match all your new copper decor.

Best for Fighting Flyaways


12. Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Vent Brush ($6): Get rid of pesky flyaways and static while adding volume at the same time. Vented brushes also reduce drying and styling time, giving you more time to be the awesome #GirlBoss that you are.

Do you have a favorite brush you swear by? Share your wisdom in the comments below.