If you think hot rollers are just for Betty Draper, think again! Hot rollers are a classic go-to for those soft, bombshell curls we all love, and best of all, they allow you to keep your hands free while your hair gets sexy. You can eat breakfast, curl your lashes and freshen up your mani all while these do the work for you. So dust off those hot rollers and check out these 15 tips on how to get perfectly styled hair with minimal effort.

1. Big on Top: These rollers from Neiman Marcus ($400) come in a variety of sizes from 20mm to 60mm; use big rollers on the top and smaller on the sides and back — the smaller the roller, the longer the curls will stay. (via The Zoe Report)

2. Fingers Are Key: Before you start brushing out, loosen your curls with your fingers first. It’s gentler and won’t break up your hair’s shape quite as much. Big rollers, like the CHI Smart Rollers ($100), create carefree curls, which are the secret to Vanessa Hudgen’s updo that doesn’t try too hard. (via All Women Stalk)

3. Use a Paddle Brush: It might seem like a good idea to use a round brush on curls, especially if that’s your go-to for styling, but since you just want to soften up your curls, not destroy them, a smoothing flat brush is better then just finish off with a light hairspray like Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light ($9) to give your curls staying power. (via Pop Sugar)

4. Follow a Single Direction: For fantastic texture like Jordin Sparks, begin blow drying haphazardly, using just your hands to shake out your strands. Add a leave-in conditioner like Pantene Pro-V Anti-Frizz Creme ($5) to keep your hair hydrated despite blow drying it and using hot rollers. (via VS Sassoon)

5. Get Healthier Hair: The stylist for Parks and Rec prefers hot rollers because of how much healthier it is for your hair over constantly curling it with an iron, but she prefers the big rollers like this Remington set ($14). If the rollers are too small, you start getting beauty pageant hair. (via Bella Sugar)

6. Highlight That Sombré: Smooth roots + voluminous waves = the latest way to show off your sombré. The Remington Curlers ($43) have ceramic plated heating clips that provide additional heat transfer onto the hair. (via Hairstyle Weekly)

7. Think Big: The ultimate goal is to create hair that has a ton of body and texture but is still soft and shiny. Stylists recommend applying a volumizing mousse like Physique Volume Boosting Foam ($7) to freshly washed, damp hair and working it through from roots to ends. (via Fan Share)

8. Vertical vs. Horizontal: For ringlets like Sarah Jessica Parker’s, roll the rollers vertically instead of horizontally and use a very small curler like these Instant Heat Rollers from Belk ($22). (via Girls Life)

9. Accent Your Face Shape: Big, soft curls are extremely flattering on people with more angular face shapes like Blake Lively; try the huge rollers from the Diva Big Hot Rollers Set ($95) to get those bombshell curls. (via Bella Sugar)

10. Roll It Up: While the number of rollers used will depend upon the length and thickness of your hair, a good rule of thumb is to alternate the number of curlers in each layer. In Kerry’s case, it was two, three and then two again. Use Callista Hot Rollers ($100) for big volume. (via Refinery 29)

11. Clip It: Never use those metal pins that come with the rollers; instead, use large hair clips, which will hold your hair but won’t leave creases in your hair for perfectly smooth locks like Miss Serena’s. Try plastic clips like the above set from Callista ($150). (via Pop Sugar)

12. Loose + Flowing: Celebrity stylist, Mark Townsend, uses one-inch rollers like this Conair Big Curls ($35) set on Jennifer’s hair to get maximum volume in her luscious locks. (via Seventeen)

13. Make Sure to Moisturize: Since you’ll be rolling large sections of your hair, you’ll get lots of body, plus a little curve and finish on the ends. The heat even creates brilliant shine. Just make sure to moisturize before using rollers like this extremely affordable Conair Instant Heat Hairsetter set ($39). (via Essence)

14. Capitalize on Sexy Bed Hair: If you have day-old hair use a product like TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo ($11) on the roots of the hair to give it some lift like Drew Barrymore’s casually messy look. (via Hair Styles Ideas)

15. Create Volume With Different Sized Rollers: Even though the price tag may seem steep, a quality pair of rollers like the T3 Voluminous Rollers ($99) are a good investment, and if they give us hair like Beyoncé, we’ll pretty much pay anything! (via The Hairstyler)

Do you think you’ll be trying any hot roller styles? Let us know in the comments below!