With every season, there comes a new ‘do you have to try. Whether it’s the ombré, choppy lob or long, thick waves, you know each look’s been on your radar. How about a side order of bangs with that bob? The combo of fringe — long and sweepy or short and blunt — coupled with that shoulder-length chop screams French girl chic from miles away — and that’s never a bad thing. Whether your bob needs an update or you’re looking to try something totally new, these 12 Instababes will make you fall in love with blunt bobs + bangs.


1. @cehbecker: While this Instababe might be enchanting on her own, her hair isn’t half bad either. With pieces of lighter shades of brown throughout, it’s hard not to envy her bob haircut. (Photo via @cehbecker)


2. @louschoof: Wispy bangs and a blunt bob are always a perfect combo — just as chill and casual as this New York model’s overall style. (Photo via @louschoof)


3. @jamiefraiche: When you need a little structure in your life, all you have to do is add some bobby pins and you’ll be A-OK. (Photo via @jamiefraiche)


4. @madeleinealexandra: We don’t mean to be blunt, but this haircut is amazing with its straight-to-the-point angles and just-above-the-eyes bangs. (Photo via @madeleinealexandra)


5. @martadixiedyks: Parisian-chic is the best way to describe this shaggy hairdo. You can be as simplistic with your wardrobe as you want when your hair looks this good. (Photo via @martadixiedyks)


6. @ianagodnia: Shaggy and curly is the name of this mane. With a few layers and whole lot of mousse, you can easily achieve this look in no time. (Photo via @ianagodnia)


7. @taylorlashae: If you want the #ijustwokeuplikethis look, then get this causal-meets-Parisian-cool cut at your next hair appointment. (Photo via @taylorlashae)


8. @badassion: Alex is really bringing it with those baby bangs. And who can blame her when her eyebrows look that good? (Photo via @badassion)


9. @afashionnerd: Thick mane + thick bangs = love. This fashion nerd’s accessories make her haircut that much cuter. (Photo via @afashionnerd)


10. @missalissa: It’s hard not to be on your toes when you have a bangin’ pink haircut like Alissa. This is definitely one look you should copy at least once in your life. (Photo via @missalissa)


11. @pieraluisa: While Piera might be sad about not being able to wear a costume tonight, it’s pretty safe to say that her hair is already the life of any party. (Photo via @pieraluisa)


12. @raniyamordanova: If you’re looking for a little mystery with a hint of Bond girl, then this cute, wavy bob is for you. (Photo via @raniyamordanova)

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