You devoured YA books all summer long, and now you’re looking for your next page turner. Thankfully, great inspo for lit lovers is just a quick click away. Our favorite book lovin’ Instagram accounts help us stay informed of new titles, inspire us to check out new genres and even encourage us to up our bookshelf decor game. Get on the same page by following 12 of our all-time favorites and get ready to start double tappin’.


1. Shelfie: Shelfies are all over the Interwebs these days, and the Shelfie app gives you more of an incentive to post your #shelfie by giving you free ebooks in return. (via @shelfieapp)


2. Chronicle Books: Chronicle Books is a San Francisco-based independent publisher with a seriously swoon-worthy Instagram account. Get ready for a lot of Bay Area love. (via @chroniclebooks)


3. Epic Reads: Epic Reads is not only a place to discover the latest YA books (even if you’re more A than Y) but also a community where you can connect with authors and other readers. (via @epicreads)


4. Subway Book Review: Commuters know the best way to pass the time is with the help of a good book. This account spreads the love by sharing the suggestions of subway-riding strangers. (via @subwaybookreview)


5. Hot Dudes Reading: This may not be an account for a serious book lover, but hey, we aren’t going to complain about the eye candy. (via @hotdudesreading)


6. Literature Quotes: Sometimes just one quote is enough to get you hooked on a book or author. Get your daily dose of inspiring and beautiful literary quotes here. (via @litquotesdaily)


7. Blue Eyed Biblio: 18-year-old Emily has a passion for reading that has caught the attention of everyone on the Internet. And once you take a look at her photos, you’ll see just why. (via @blueeyedbiblio)


8. Book’s Calling: This account was created to encourage more people to pick up a book and read anywhere, anytime. Jakub’s pictures feature him reading everywhere from beautiful gardens to crowded city streets. (via @bookscalling)


9. Quirky Books: Gaia of Quirky Books will give you major envy with her beautifully curated and colorful collections of books. We just need to get our hands on that mug. (via @quirkybooks)


10. Bookshelf Porn: We have food porn and shoe porn, so why not bookshelf porn? Although this account is fairly new, gorgeous pictures (see above) have us excited every time a new pic pops up on our feed. (via @bookshelfporn)


11. Strand Book Store: This 86-year-old NYC bookstore is a lit lover’s dream. If you’re ever in the city, make sure to stop by and get lost in the shelves that hold 18 miles of books. (via @strandbookstore)


12. Book Baristas: Is there any better way to spend a lazy afternoon than with a good read and a cup of coffee? This account pays tribute to the timeless combo of book ‘n’ brew. (via @bookbaristas)

Who do you follow on Instagram for your dose of literary love? Share your favorites in the comments below.