As if you needed a reminder, the final installment of the Harry Potter series was published in 2007. It’s eight years later, and die-hard fans like us are still reeling from the fact that it’s over. But now victims of Pottermania can ease their minds and step away from Pottermore. There are a number of great novels and series from years past, and even more recent ones that are magical reads, whether you consider yourself a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Scroll on for your next must-read.

1. The Magicians ($10): For those of you who would have loved to see Harry and co. in college and dealing with all the dramas of young adulthood, this is the series you’ve been waiting for. This trilogy follows students at a post-secondary academy for magicians. Read it before the TV series debuts on SyFy.

2. Fangirl ($11): This novel follows twin sisters attending their first year of college. Protagonist Cath, like many Potter fans, devours magical fanfiction. Although dorm rooms, dealing with parental relationships and entering adulthood aren’t the stuff of wizards and dragons, Cath’s obsession with her favorite books and escape into writing her own stories are something that Potter fans can relate to.

3. Wildwood Dancing ($9): Juliet Mariller’s young fiction novel focuses on five sisters in 16th century Transylvania. This fantasy novel has everything you could want: witches, fairies and a play on popular European folk tales. The best part is that once you finish, the fun continues in the sequel, Cybele’s Secret.

4. The Westing Game ($6): If you haven’t read this late-’70s mystery novel, it is well worth checking out now. The plot involves the residents of an apartment complex as they solve a murder and determine who will inherit the victim’s wealth. If you loved J. K. Rowling’s eccentric characters, then you’ll enjoy the residents of the Sunset Towers.

5. The Golden Compass ($6): What makes The Golden Compass stand out is its heroine, Lyra Belacqua. While her adventures are worthy of Hermione, Ron and Harry’s antics, it’s Lyra’s coming of age and discovery of the part she plays in her world that transforms her into a role model for women and girls alike.

6. Freshmen ($17): Graphic novel fans will love this comic series from co-writer and comic Seth Green. It follows the adventures of a group of misfit college students who gain superpowers thanks to a science lab mishap. It’s reminiscent of Hogwarts pupils learning to harness their powers for the first time.

7. The Tales of Beedle the Bard ($8): If you truly can’t say goodbye to Harry Potter, then J.K. Rowling’s short set of tales is the book for you. Fans will remember this as the collection of children’s fairy tales that Dumbledore left Hermione in his will.

What has been your favorite post-Potter read? Let us know in the comments.