Crazy for Cantaloupe? Try These 15 Creative Melon Recipes
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Crazy for Cantaloupe? Try These 15 Creative Melon Recipes

You have to have your fruits and veggies, folks. And there is no better way to eat one of our favorites — cantaloupe — than in a cocktail or delicious dessert. If you love cantaloupe, you’ll be dying to DIY these 15 easy and amazing recipes. And if you aren’t sure you’re a fan, give just one recipe a go and let it change your mind.

1. Jerk Shrimp Tacos With Spicy Melon Salsa: Mix sweet and spicy for a summery meal. (via How Sweet It Is)

2. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup: Soup doesn’t have to be a cold weather meal. It’s perfect for hot summer evenings, and versatile enough to make out of just about any fruit. (via Rosemarried)

3. Vodka Cantaloupe Cocktail: The strawberry daiquiri needs a new rival. Here’s an awesome (and easily made) contender. (via One Martini)

4. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon Balls: Take an otherwise boring snack to the next level by mixing food groups! (via Bell’alimento)

5. Cantaloupe and Sweet Ricotta Pizza: Fruit pizza? It’s better than you’d think, and pineapple isn’t the only option. Grilled peaches, apples and cantaloupe are all tasty toppings! (via A Spicy Perspective)

6. Cantaloupe Agua Fresca: A fresh, fruity drink for a baby shower or patio party. (via The Little Epicurean)

7. Cantaloupe Meringue Pie: Lemon meringue is a classic, but cantaloupe is a sweet and surprising substitute for your old pie filling. (via Back to the Cutting Board)

8. Cantaloupe Cupcakes: When you’re craving a refreshing treat, steer clear of rich red velvet or chocolate and go for a lighter, sweeter recipe. (via Cupcake Project)

9. Cantaloupe Custard: A creamy and cool treat that is perfect for serving at a summer dinner party. (via Martha Stewart)

10. Cantaloupe Martini: Not a martini fan? This unconventional recipe may change your mind. (via Daydreamer Desserts)

11. Cantaloupe Carrot Smoothie: Opposites attract, and these orange counterparts definitely hit it off in a smoothie! (via Almonds + Avocados)

12. Cantaloupe Sorbet: A delicious treat for your homemade ice cream cravings. (via The House That Lars Built)

13. Cantaloupe Jam With Vanilla: Channel your inner Laura Ingalls Wilder and take advantage of seasonal fruit. Jammin’ is a perfect way to use leftover or near-rotten fruit and to ensure you enjoy the fruits of summer all winter long. (via First Look, Then Cook)

14. Cantaloupe Lime Popsicles: Fresh and not full of sugar or preservatives, DIY popsicles are better than anything from the ice cream truck. (via Kitchen Confidante)

15. Cantaloupe Margaritas: For something a little sweeter, trade out the go-to strawberita for something new! (via Tide + Thyme)

Are you a cantaloupe fan? What’s your favorite way to eat it? Tell us in the comments!