There’s always someone on your gift list that’s hard to buy for. Especially when they have it all — and *especially* when that person is Beyoncé. What do you get Bey for the holidays? You craft her a bespoke, tailored-just-for-her, one-of-a-kind gift. In other words, you DIY a gift for the woman who already has everything. We decided to have a little fun with this gift guide, and thought about the Beys, the LCs and the Tays to create a collection of fave DIYs we would give as gifts to our fave famous folks. We’re hoping they don’t have any of these or this would all be a real waste of time. You may not have a direct line to Lupita, but you can still create these projects to gift to the “celebrity” in your life.

1. Lauren Conrad: This born and raised Cali girl will without a doubt love our cork state wall art. We have no problem working to supply the corks too ;) (image via @laurenconrad)

2. Nicole Richie: A kimono you say? This fashionably funny lady loves rocking the loose-fitting look and we know she’ll kill this one too. (image via @nicolerichie)

3. Taylor Swift: A wood burnt serving board is the perfect gift for this full-time music slayer and part-time hostess. Plus, Taylor would TOTALLY love a gift that let her flex her DIY skills! (image via @taylorswift)

4. Mindy Kaling: Cute LED wall hearts for this comedic cutie, obviously. (image via @mindykaling)

5. Lena Dunham: This girl will be able to carry around all of her books (including her own!) with this faux shibori tote. (image via @lenadunham)

6. Lorde: You think this music royal will love our constellation wall art decked out in tracker jackers? We think so. (Image via @lordemusic)

7. Blake Lively: The stylish mom-to-be may love this rustic mobile so much she’ll preserve it for a second baby (or just as a hanging piece of art). (image via @blakelively)

8. Rihanna: If there’s one thing we know about this bad girl, it’s that she loves to make a statement. So naturally we’re making this copper tassel necklace for the fresh-off-the-runway diva. (image via @rihanna)

9. Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen: Along with this flannel cape, we’ll also be pairing this with a Starbucks gift card for the twins. (image via @ashleyolsen_)

10. Nick Jonas: This dapper dopp kit is going to make all of this crooner’s friends (and brothers) jealous. (image via @nickjonas)

11. Beyoncé: All gold everything for the Queen. That’s why we’re gifting her some irreplaceable gold-dipped ceramic vases. (image via @beyonce)

12. Khloe Kardashian: We’ve enjoyed watching Khloe rock the hostessing game on Instagram and think the epic party thrower would love lighting up an entryway or tablescape with color blocked candle holders. (image via @khloekardashian)

13. Sasheer Zamata: We’re gonna gift this funny gal with a gorgeous hanging macrame wall piece to accompany her recently finished hanging yarn project. Let’s DIY together sometime, Sasheer!! (image via @thesheertruth)

14. Shailene Woodley: It only seems natural to give this all-natural-loving lady a homemade honey avocado face mask to add to her so-good-you-can-eat-it beauty routine. (image via @shai_woodley)

15. Lupita Nyong’o: We’re hoping after gifting this hair chain to the Oscar winner, we’ll see it popping up on all the red carpets come awards season. (image via @lupitanyongo)

16. Jennifer Lawrence: We’re confident this District 12 lady will love an industrial-inspired grommet bag. (image via Jennifer Lawrence)

17. Kerry Washington: After we gift her some Kool-Aid lip plumper, this fixer will be even more ready for scandals (romantic or professional). (image via @kerrywashington)

18. Justin Timberlake: We know he be on his suit and tie ish, tie ish, so here’s a handmade bow tie our beloved JT will surely love. (image via Justin Timberlake)

19. Jennifer Lopez: Jenny from the block is gonna be looking glam wearing geometric bangles we crafted for her. (image via @jlo)

20. Katy Perry: A girl needs clothing that DOESN’T light up or shoot whipped cream out of it too. This backless shirt will be just what she wants to slip into during downtime. (image via @katyperry)

21. Reese Witherspoon: After this lady’s wild year we’re certain all she wants to do is hang at home with her family, so why not give her a different kind of boot — stockings. (image via @reesewitherspoon)

22. Solange: As if her Grecian wedding wear wasn’t enough of a statement, these geode jewelry pieces will have everyone talking. (image via @saintrecords)

23. Zooey Deschanel: Playful and quirky wooden magnets for a playful and quirky girl. (image via @zooeydeschanel)

24. Jessica Alba: Honestly, how could this mom not love a cuddle session with her kids on these jumbo floor pillows?! (image via @jessicaalba)

25. Ellen + Portia: These geometric pillows can also double as gifts for this couple’s many pets! (image via @portiaderossi)

26. Sofia Vergara: This Colombian babe will be have even more people looking her way after throwing this bead statement necklace around her neck. (image via @sofiavergara)

27. Michelle Obama: This vertical garden will totally leave the FLOTUS singing “turnip for what” every day in her actual garden. (image via @flotus)

What celebrity is on your dream Christmas list and what would you DIY for them? Let us know in the comments.