It seems all of Hollywood has pixie fever as more and more celebs make the cut. Whether you’re going short or growing it long we’ve got all the crops, chops, bobs and pixies to help you get your perfect style, every inch of the way. If these nine short styles don’t convince you to head to your stylist ASAP, we don’t know what will!

1. Michelle Williams: Rock this retro-chic vibe with a razor-cut pixie that’s tight to the nape of the neck while keeping locks longer at the crown for styling versatility. To style Michelle’s sixties vibe, use a teasing brush to back-comb the crown and finish with hairspray to set in place. (via Style Noted)

2. Jennifer Lawrence: If you want to grow out your pixie cut, J. Law is your role model for doing it with style, every inch of the way. Mark the end of your super-short stage with this fabulously choppy, chin-length bob. To get Jen-approved texture, be sure to add dry shampoo to your roots. (via Glamour)

3. Audrey Tautou: For all things French, the Amélie actress is your poster child. From iconic wavy cropped hair to pouty lips, she’s your ticket to getting those ooh-la-las. Giving all girls with wavy hair the courage to chop it off, Audrey’s pixie is eternally chic. To get your curls looking this good, grab a texturizing gel and apply to wet hair. (via PopSugar)

4. Halle Berry: We must say Halle rocks the best pixie in Hollywood. If you’ve been blessed with cheekbones as defining as Halle’s, get this tousled, elfin crop on your mop, stat! The key to a perfectly tousled pixie a la our girl H is using a thickening lotion to look pleasantly undone. (via Hollywood Reporter)

5. Jennifer Hudson: This edgy pixie screams care-free. But as low maintenance as this cut can be, it can still be hard to change up the style. Amp things up like Jennifer by using a styling cream to set hair in its place while nourishing it. (via PopSugar)

6. Anne Hathaway: Growing things out? Take it from Anne and try this timeless, side-sweeping pixie that offers an air of grace and glam when you’re adding inches. To stay sophisticated and chic, use a dime-sized amount of volume-boosting mousse and pull it through your hair off to the side. Blow dry to set it as sleekly.

7. Pink: Not everyone can pull off a retro hairstyle like Pink, but if you have what it takes, we say power to the pixie! If you’re ready to take things to the coiffed-level, begin with unwashed hair and arm yourself with plenty of hairspray! (via Women’s Health)

8. Miley Cyrus: If you want to make a statement in the hair department, our fave wild-child (and crafter!) Miley is your go-to gal. A razored pixie cut keeps you on the edge with a punkish, girls-just-wanna-have-fun style. Spike things up with this root-lifting, texturizing spray to give your crown some added oomph. (via Women Fashion Tips)

9. Rihanna: Chopping off her tresses for this eye-catching pixie proved that long hair isn’t all that. Rihanna showed the world that short hair can be sexy and fun. Snag this low-maintenance style that requires mended ends (aka your stylist is your new bff!). (via Redbook)

Do you have pixie fever? Share with us how short you’d go in the comments below.