The holidays are just around the corner. And while that means fun festivities like dinner parties and cocktail hours, that also means we won’t be eating the healthiest. So that we can still fit into our festive dresses (and eat more at the parties, let’s be honest), we’ll be hitting the gym on the reg. If you’re like us and looking for some serious fitness inspo, check out these celebs’ Instagrams. Take a peek if you’re in need of a little extra motivation.

1. @jillianmichaels: Let’s start out with the obvious choice. This trainer is famous for her days on The Biggest Loser, but these days, she’s taken to the good ol’ Insta to show off her moves.

2. @khloekardashian: Her sister may be famous for her booty, but Khloe definitely takes the cake for most Instagrammed workouts from the Kardashian clan.

3. @giseleofficial: First of all, can we PLEASE have that surfboard? Gisele snapped this pic flaunting her bod for a campaign she’s working on with Chanel.

4. @kristincavallari: Yep, that’s the former Laguna Beach star’s chiseled bod after poppin’ out two kids.

5. @jessicasimpson: This lovely lady whooped her booty in shape and has no problem showing her physique on social media.

6. @madonna: Yeah, Madonna isn’t exactly a conventional kinda gal, so why would she hide her glitter sports bra under her patterned top? You do you, girl.

7. @katehudson: Struggling with working out on your own? Grab one of your girls and take a hike, just like Kate Hudson.

8. @karliekloss: Is it just us, or does this look like it takes #madskillz? No wonder she has a flawless bod.

9. @msleamichele: This Glee star is all decked out in camo while doing some extreme yoga poses on… a tree stump? Yep, that’s good fitness inspo.

10. @serenawilliams: How could we not include the ever-so-famous tennis extraordinaire? This pic caught our eye ’cause she swapped out the tennis racket for a lacrosse stick.

Who do you follow on Instagram for fitness inspiration? Let us know in the comments below.