We’re all about beautiful braids and bread… and when our seemingly unrelated interests come together, well, who are we to argue? Enter challah. Enjoy kneading up these 15 plaited loaves, and be sure to come back and share your creations!

1. Challah Pretzel Bread With Adobo-Lime Butter: Doesn’t this giant pretzel loaf sound simply amazing? And that enhanced butter… oh baby! (via Hola Jalapeño)

2. Fig, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Challah: Enjoy this challah featuring a pleasant swirl of sweet, savory and salty elements. (via Smitten Kitchen)

3. Challah, Baked on the Grill: Too hot to light the oven? Bake your bread on the BBQ instead! (via Food52)

4. Rye Challah: A fusion of two of our favorite breads, slices of this loaf are the ideal base for your next reuben sandwich. (via My Name is Yeh)

5. Sweet and Salty Mini Chocolate Chip Challah Buns: We’d love to get our hands on these breakfast-worthy buns! (via Completely Delicious)

6. Spinach and Ricotta Challah: A few slices of this filled challah are practically a meal! (via What About Second Breakfast)

7. Pumpkin Challah: Add this loaf to your list of pumpkin recipes to make, stat. (via Bake Love Give)

8. Simple Whole Wheat Challah: A 50-50 blend of flours is featured in this whole grain-boosted loaf. (via Half Baked Harvest)

9. Scallion Pancake Challah: A winning recipe, this loaf is a fusion of two delicious dishes — it’s sure to disappear in a flash! (via Food52)

10. Apple Challah: We’d love to wake up to this apple-studded challah any morning! (via Relishing It)

11. Mini Challah Rolls: Include these petite twists in your bread basket and you’re sure to wow everyone at the table. (via The Candid Appetite)

12. No-Knead Challah: We’re all about this fuss-free method. Who doesn’t love an easy peasy recipe? (via Baked Bree)

13. Hot Bread Kitchen Challah: This recipe creates a dense, sesame, caraway and anise-studded Sephardic-style challah. (via Sloe Gin Fizz)

14. Honey Challah: Slightly sweet and super shiny, this tender-crumbed loaf is a total classic. (via Food Babbles)

15. Cinnamon Sugar Vanilla Bean Challah: Challah has never looked this good. And since this recipe is topped with whiskey-soaked golden raisins, you can basically get your post-meal dessert and drink in one! (via Baker by Nature)

Have you ever baked up a loaf of braided bread? Talk all things flour power in the comments!