We all have those nights (ahem, entire weekends), when we lounge around binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix. These evenings call for comfy pajamas, a cozy blanket, a bottle of a wine and some good snacking supplies. Call us old school, but we think there is nothing better than the tried and true combination of chips and dip when it comes to satisfying our snacking needs. Ditch the boring bag for these oh-so delicious chip and dip recipes.

1. Roasted Red Pepper Romesco: This recipe is the answer to all of our snacking prayers. The homemade chip-and-dip combination will ensure that your favorite tastes are fresh as can be! (via Drum Beets)

2. Avocado Hummus With Salt and Pepper Jicama Chips: If you’re looking to cut the calories without giving up your snacking habits, raw veggies in place of chips can be a great substitution. Crunchy raw jicama creates a delicious chip for dipping to your heart’s content. (via A Well Fed Life)

3. Kettle Chips and Onion Dill Dip: There is one snacking sensation that is a classic crunchy treat above them all — kettle chips and onion dip. Skip the store-bought and processed options and create your own classic snack combo at home. (via Lauren’s Latest)

4. Blue Corn Chips and Avocado + Cilantro Crema: We adore avocado in all forms, but guacamole is quite possibly our all-time favorite way to enjoy the superfood. Make your own blue corn chips to pair with a creamy pesto guacamole. (via The Cozy Apron)

5. Apple Pie Dip and Cinnamon Pie Crust Chips: This recipe is proof that your snack time doesn’t always have to be a salt-fest. Turn your favorite fall dessert (apple pie, duh) into a snack-sized treat to serve at your next party. (via My Cooking Spot)

6. Spicy Kale Chips and Blue Cheese Dip: Seriously, kale may be the trendiest thing to happen to the produce section since… well, ever. You love filling your salad with it, but you will never believe how easy it is to give these healthy leaves a spicy and crunchy upgrade. (via Little Market Kitchen)

7. Sweet Potato Chips and Miso Dipping Sauce: Sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile and can pair perfectly with anything sweet, spicy or savory. These chips are sprinkled with a slightly spicy and smokey taste, which pairs perfectly with the unique flavor of miso dip. (via Tokyo Terrace)

8. Beet Chips and Thyme Balsamic Goat Cheese Dip: We love adding a bit of culinary color to our snacking spreads, and beets are just the ingredient for that. Beet chips are a healthy alternative to traditional chips. They’re filled with flavor and a whole lot less guilt! (via She Likes Food)

9. Apple Chips and Fontina + Cheddar Dip: We’ve all been there before: The dreaded decision between a sweet or savory snack. Good news — you don’t have to choose with this homemade chips and cheese recipe. Pair sweet apple chips with a savory cheddar dip for an unexpected snack you’ll love. (via JJ Begonia)

10. Cinnamon Sugar Nachos + Fruit Salsa: This deliciously sweet take on salsa will have you and all your guests begging for more. There is no reason you can’t turn dessert time into a munching moment with this easy-to-make sweet salsa and chips. (via Something Swanky)

11. Sweet Potato Chips and Garlic Aioli: This combo makes a fairly healthy appetizer or even side dish. (via Life Tastes Good)

12. Vegetable Chips and Tahini Sauce: We have no shame in admitting that we are big time snackers around here, but sometimes we need to be a bit more health-savvy about it. Baked vegetable chips offer just the right crunch that we love without the calories of regular chips. Paired with tahini sauce, this is a snack done right. (via Just Delish)

13. Cheesy Bacon Chips and Chipotle Raunch Sauce: You know how irresistibly addicting fully loaded potato skins are? Well this recipe emulates those flavors in an amazing way. Dip these bad boys in ranch sauce for a taste sensation you will adore. (via The Comfort of Cooking)

14. Classic Chips and Blue Cheese Dip: The right amount of saltiness makes these chips easy to eat on their own, but when paired with creamy blue cheese dip, this dish is suddenly a must-make for your next nibble sesh. (via Framed Cooks)

What is your favorite homemade chip and dip recipe? Tell it to us in the comments below.