If you’ve ever mixed up Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pine, you’re definitely not alone. The Hollywood hotties not only share a first name, but are also roughly around the same age and play leading men in some of the industry’s biggest blockbusters. (Pratt, Evans, and Hemsworth are all superheroes in the Marvel Universe, and Pine starred alongside Gal Gadot in DC Comics’ Wonder Woman movie.) They’re so similar, in fact, that when Chris Pratt took a “Which Hollywood Chris Are You?” quiz, he ended up with an unexpected result.

“Dude I suck at quizzes,” the Jurassic World star tweeted to his followers with a screenshot of the outcome he received from the Oh My Disney quiz. Apparently, when answering questions about birth order, which Disney princess he’d most like to befriend, and how he likes to spend his weekends, Chris Pratt does NOT seem like Chris Pratt.

Instead, the quiz decided he was most like Chris Evans.

As the quiz asserts, though, this is a pretty awesome outcome. (Honestly, any outcome is an awesome outcome with those four guys in the mix.)

“Here’s the good news: you’re Chris Evans!” the quiz declared to Pratt, flashing a pic of the dashingly handsome bearded Captain America star for good measure. “The bad news… who are we kidding, there is no bad news! With your good nature and charm, you have no trouble making friends and winning people over.”

And that’s not all. According to the quiz, the best part about being Chris Evans is that the aforementioned charm “isn’t superficial.” If you’re anything like him — and Pratt apparently is — “you have a set of substantive morals and convictions that you hold fast to.”

We have to wonder what Chris Evans would get if he took the quiz too. Are you up for it, @ChrisEvans?

For now, he seems pretty pleased with the other Chris’ result.

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(Photo via Emma McIntyre/Getty)