You gave them to your teachers and the boy who stole your heart in first grade; conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple. But as cute as they are, we have to admit that these tiny candy hearts aren’t as yummy as they look. So how do you add a grown-up twist to a childhood classic? Ask your special someone to be yours with these tastyconversation heart-inspired recipes.


1. Conversation Heart Cheesecakes: Nothing says “I love you” like cheesecake. Serve up this velvety goodness with a glass of wine, and you’ll be the best Valentine ever. (via Hungry Happenings)


2. Crushed Conversation Heart Cookie Pop: This is the only time you’re allowed to break your special someone’s heart. Crush up those candies and sprinkle them on any baked goods you can get your hands on… or in this case, a cookie pop. (via Meaghan Mountford)


3. Conversation Heart Piñata Cake: Now this cake is definitely a conversation starter. Let your honey cut open this baked creation and watch all its rainbow-colored feelings come spilling out. (via Hungry Happenings)


4. Conversation Heart Rice Krispies: This is a great one to make with the kiddos. It’s a no-bake recipe, plus the kids can really get their hands into it — literally. (via SheKnows)


5. Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow: Chow down on this mixture of Chex, chocolate and, of course, conversation hearts. It’ll keep everyone munching and chatting all night long. (via Cinnamon, Spice + Everything Nice)


6. Conversation Heart Brownies: It’s not Valentine’s Day until someone eats a brownie. If you’re not a fan of that conversation heart flavor, chocolate is the way to go. (via Mac Suzie)


7. Valentine Day’s Cookies: Flooding might just be our new favorite way to decorate cookies. The result is dainty, decadent and delicious. (via Annie’s Eats)

8. Conversation Heart Cupcakes: If that huge, conversation heart-filled cake was out of your league, try these cupcakes on for size. It’s the same delicious goodness, but manageable for the baking challenged. (via SheKnows)


9. Let’s Make Out Cake: Want your Valentine to know exactly how you feel? Then spell it out on this tasty cake, which features champagne-flavored frosting — yum! (via Brit + Co)


10. Nutella-Filled Conversation Hearts: Everything is best served filled with Nutella, no? This recipe is a great gift for your girlfriends. Put one or two in a clear plastic baggie and mix in some actual conversation hearts too. (via A Million Moments)

What will you be baking for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!