We’re not even going to try to pretend that we haven’t been overly excited for holiday season to arrive. That zeal is expressed in everything from making gingerbread houses decorated in every way imaginable, going wild with wrapping paper and getting uber meticulous with our nail art. And all of this hype and focus hasn’t gone unnoticed by some… The folks over at the Bold Italic went all out this year with their holiday looks, and we have to say we’re pretty darn impressed with their commitment to crazy. In a cheeky move to make fun of the Instagram overload of sparkly, silver, red and snowman themed holiday manicures, they decided to have a little fun.


The six holiday looks are definitely impressive, though probably not the most practical. Tree Tips incorporates real pine needles while the Mani-schewitz turns nails into giant menorah candles (sooo, not the most safe).


Our favorite look of all may be a tie between the Snow Man-i, which looks exactly like ten tiny Olafs, or the googly eyed Eye-Five, which, according to the Bold Italic, are “perfect for family gatherings.” We’d be inclined to agree.


Take a look at the full gallery to see all the wonderful and wacky happenings.


Would you ever pull off one of these insane manis? Which are your favorites and which creep you out? Tell us in the comments below!