Are you running out of space to store your growing collection of books? Book lovers, we know your pain. Whether you’ve got those shelves loaded up with childhood favorites or you’ve got an impressive collection of New York Times bestsellers, you need shelves that can keep up with your reading pace. We’re sharing our favorite creative shelving for storing all those precious books.

1. Basket Shelves: Instead of buying another bookshelf, fill up more wall space by mounting various baskets on your wall. Adding to them as you fill them up should be easy. (via Life Over Easy)

2. Honeycomb Shelves: Whether you display your pages or all your little collections, you’ll be proud of the statement these shelves make in any room. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Balance Bookshelf ($245): Will your “read” stack be heavier than your “to-read” stack? Only this bookshelf will let you know.

4. Bookshelf Liner: Give your wooden bookshelves a bit of flair by adding a pattern to the back. It’s just paper and Sharpies, guys. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Scrap Wood Bookshelf: It’s time to take all that scrap wood and put it to use. Storage and art? We’re all about that. (via The Designer Pad)

6. Bookshelf Headboard: Often the space at the head of the bed goes unused. Put some bookshelves there for extra storage and an interesting headboard. (via My Favorite and My Best)

7. Tree Bookshelf ($2,800): So it may not drop apples on your child’s head, but it will hold all the pieces to unlocking their imaginations. While this is a major splurge item for us, as true book lovers, we know that book buying isn’t exactly a cheap hobby.

8. Book Rack ($210): Never lose your place again with this book rack that doubles as a bookmark.

9. Low Bookshelves: These bookshelves are perfect for storing your ever growing piles of books, along with anything from fresh flowers to candles. (via From The Right Bank)

10. USA Bookshelf: For the major organizer out there, now you can organize your books by which state the author lives in. Sorry, Dickens, we’re banishing you to another room. (via Dwell)

11. Triangle Shelves: We just can’t resist anything geometric in our homes. Especially when they’re as eye-catching as these guys. (via Whimsy Darling)

12. Round Bookshelf: It’s a bookshelf and a seat. Can we have two? (via David Garcia Studio)

13. Typographic Bookshelf: Show off your reading skills by dividing what you’ve read and what you haven’t. You’ll never make the mistake of loaning out your next read again. (via Meb Rure)

14. Attic Shelves: Those sloped ceilings can either be your friend or your nemesis. Make them work for you with custom shelves from bottom to top. (via Nice Things Daily)

Do you have any creative bookshelf solutions? Tell us about them below!