When it comes to cutting-edge, unique beauty tools you didn’t know you needed, the list seems to be never-ending. Every time we turn around, there’s a new must-have item on the market, from rotating curling irons that spin with the touch of a button to a $300 hair brush that heats up so you can brush and straighten at the same time… what?!? We staged a major review sesh that included a wide range of hair types (and even a bro with luscious locks) to put this multitasking device to the test. Is this genius, or another marketing ploy to make you think you need yet another beauty tool? Here’s how it went down!

The Device


DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush ($300): In a nutshell, this brush will straighten and tame flyaways, frizz and waves while leaving your hair smooth and shiny — and all you have to do is brush your hair.



PRO: This is very convenient! I don’t have to comb and straighten at the same time, and it cuts out a step. I love that you can straighten without losing all the volume!

CON: It doesn’t straighten the ends as well as I’d like.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This tool is great and I love how easy it is to use.

WOULD YOU BUY: Yeah, for $20.




PRO: I’m literally just brushing my hair right now, so that’s cool. I rarely wear my hair straight, but if I did, this is nice to just brush through it!

CON: I feel like it needs more tension — it’s hard to get my hair straight fully. And it’s hot! I just burned myself!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I like it — it took about 5 minutes!

WOULD YOU BUY: Not for $300!



You should know, I don’t own a hairbrush, or a hair straightener. Soooo…”


PRO: Woowwwwww, it’s actually working!! Oh my gosh! Straight but still has a lot of volume! I like this, because a straightener makes it too flat.

CON: I feel like it needs to be hotter! The tips aren’t getting as straight as I’d like. Also, I keep turning it off by accident.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I would totally save up to buy this! I’ve NEVER had it this easy straightening my hair. It’s been over a year since my hair has looked like this!

WOULD YOU BUY: I would actually pay the money for this, but could you get me one for free, Misty?




PRO: It definitely gives more volume than a flat iron. It’s nice not having to use two hands/tools. The key is to go really slow.

CON: It’s frustrating because I want the bottoms more flat and straight. I’m not getting the satisfaction of clamping it together. It’s making it frizzy!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I could use this as a touch-up tool, maybe to smooth down quickly before heading out. But not to flat iron my whole head.

WOULD YOU BUY: Yes, I’d buy it for $20. EFFFF that to the $300 cost.


Ashley P.


PRO: I mean, two in one! Anything that will make my routine go faster. I’m digging it. It’s nice. It straightens but still gives you volume.

CON: I can’t get the ends as straight as I’d like.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really like it! It’s easy, but don’t touch it — it’s hot. If I had one, I’d use this daily because it’s so easy, and I’m gonna brush my hair anyway. It feels good, and I just want to keep doing it.

WOULD YOU BUY: I’d buy it for $100 or so, but no WAY to $300.




PRO: It’s working better than I thought it would. I like that I can still give it some shape, and it doesn’t feel like it’s too flat. I like that I can get right up to my scalp.

CON: I’m a little concerned that it’s pulling a bit. I really don’t like brushing my hair too much.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, I like it.

WOULD YOU BUY: I’d maybe pay under $100 if I did buy it.



“I haven’t used a brush since fifth grade — I use my fingers.”


PRO: Woowwwwww! Squeeeek! Very nice! SO EASY. It’s making my hair so much smoother.

CON: Price.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I would use it for sure! I would use it before going out or even daily. I don’t like to use too many heated tools because they’re damaging.

WOULD YOU BUY: I’d pay $30.




PRO: I feel like I have more shape than when I use a flat iron, and this is so easy to use. I like this better than a flat iron because I have two tools in one here.

CON: None. I love it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’d use it every time I washed and dried my hair.

WOULD YOU BUY: I’d pay $70 or so.



“I can’t stop brushing my hair with this thing!”


PRO: It’s definitely making it straight. If I ever was going to straighten my hair, I’d prefer this over a straightener. This is easier and more manageable, and I already brush my hair, so at least it’s two in one.

CON: Just a learning curve for me because this is new.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I definitely have a bob now. I could actually wear my hair down if I had this. When my hair is curly, I need to put it up. When you put it up, it looks a little cleaner.

WOULD YOU BUY: I’d pay $60.


Ashley R.


PRO: My hair feels nice, fluffy and full. I like that I’m brushing it and smoothing it at the same time. My hair does look better after using it.

CON: Nothing, it’s just not something I would use.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not really a device I’d use or buy. I’m not a good example because I’m more low maintenance. I’d rather use a curling iron.

WOULD YOU BUY: No, way too much money.


The Overall Consensus


Seven thumbs up! Not bad out of ten, eh? The number one takeaway is that this brush leaves your hair way more voluminous than most flat irons, and it’s really easy to use and doesn’t get too hot — which is less damaging to your locks! The number one complaint with this device is the cost, for sure. Good thing you can find a used one on Amazon Prime for half the price!

There you have it, y’all. Hopefully this has helped you to decide if this is your next big beauty product splurge. The team had a really good time testing this out, and I had even more fun watching everyone give it a go. Ultimately, I think this is a great device, and as a hair artist, I love having it on set here at B+C headquarters to use when I need to do touch ups for the gals on photo shoots.

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