Looking for a super chic pattern that’s a little less va-va-voom than cheetah print? Dalmatian spots have been trending in the decor world recently, and it’s looking more beautiful than ever gracing the walls of these amazing spaces. From wallpaper to DIY stencil projects, recreating this gorgeous pattern will definitely make a statement no matter what your style. It offers the perfect mix of playfulness and class. See these looks below to get inspiration for your own space.

1. Statement Walls: Dress up a modern office with a statement wall — it adds interest to a mostly white space and won’t clash with an existing color scheme. (via The Glitter Guide)

2. Navy Wallpaper ($128 per roll): A dark blue hue softens this bold pattern and feels even more on point, like your favorite pair of luxe navy suede loafers. Plus, it’s ideal for a nautical space.

3. Bold Patterns DIY: Mixing bold patterns feels effortlessly chic when it includes a dalmatian print wall. In this space, a plush geometric rug creates a global look, while the walls bring an unexpected jolt of personality. (via The Vault Files)

4. Chic Entry: If you are looking to give your entryway an upgrade, go with dalmatian print walls. It’s just the thing you need to showcase your decor style, right off the bat. (via Making a House a Home)

5. DIY Stencil Wall: For a more organic look, use a stencil to paint a dalmatian print on your walls in sections. Bonus: Painting instead of wallpaper means you can simply paint over it when you’re ready for something new. (via Lesley Myrick)

6. Black + White Wallpaper ($34+): In this sleek space, dalmatian spot walls add personality and movement without interrupting the black and white theme.

7. Tanzania Wallpaper (price unknown): Let your walls take the lead in a bright, light-filled room, like this cute dining space. A cool pair of black chairs and a flokati rug feel like the perfect match for trendy dalmatian print walls.

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