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When Brett and Devon Kolomyjec got married in 2012, they received the usual lineup of wedding presents, with one creative gift that stood out from the crowd. The special gift was WAY off-registry 鈥 a box containing all the items necessary for a fun date night, including a game, brownie mix and movie tickets. Enclosed with the gift was a note encouraging the newlyweds to take a break from the post-wedding chaos to spend some quality time together.

After a few years of marriage, the Kolomyjecs realized just how important this gift had been. 鈥淟ife does get busy and complicated,鈥 Brett says. 鈥淲e knew dating each other consistently and spending quality time together was important for our marriage, but planning fun dates can be difficult.鈥


Enter Datebox: a subscription box company founded by Brett and Devon in November 2015, inspired by their own experience with a gifted date night.

鈥淐ouples really understand and appreciate the consistency of a subscription company working to make date night simple,鈥 Brett says. 鈥淲e do the planning, and couples know when to expect date night.鈥

Roughly one year after launching, Datebox has already designed and delivered a wide range of date nights to its users. According to Brett, favorite boxes have included home coffee roasting and brewing, canvas painting and cake pops, a sushi-making course and a couple鈥檚 massage.

鈥淥ur couples love the idea of having something new, exciting and different to do together every month,鈥 he says. 鈥淭hey also love the surprise aspect.鈥

Since all of the dates are designed as cozy nights-in at home, Datebox is perfect for couples no matter where they live. The company plans to expand so they can design city-specific activities and create dates tailored even more personally to a couple鈥檚 interests and preferences. No matter the details of the date, its founders are firm believers in the importance of intentional quality time between baes, citing study results indicating that couples who make QT a priority experience 350 percent higher satisfaction in their relationships.

鈥淲e exist to help all couples stay connected and find that satisfaction with the most important person in their lives,鈥 Brett says. 鈥淲e hear from couples that they are spending more meaningful time together, enjoying breaking loose from the old 鈥Netflix-and-chill鈥 routine. We鈥檝e even had couples share with us that new babies have been conceived from Datebox date nights!鈥


Datebox makes it easy to give a subscription as a gift to the special someone in your life. The company鈥檚 site offers options to subscribe for one, three or six months at a time. They鈥檝e also created a promo code just for Brit + Co readers. Punch in BRIT50 at checkout and save 50 percent off of your first month! Save yourself the stress of finding the perfect gift for your S.O., because Datebox has you covered (and you鈥檒l get to enjoy it too!).

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