Winter wedding couples are the ballsy ones. The ones who see the forecast for December and think, “20 degrees be damned!” They’re the couple that says “I do” amidst a well-planned fall meteor shower, then serves peppermint hot cocoa and mini pies for cocktail hour. And guess what? We love them for it. So don’t be gifting this bold duo the same registry staples you gift a summer or spring couple. Try giving from the warmth of your heart with one of these thoughtful gifts.

1. Custom Wood Art ($30): Created using pine panels, this cozy, homemade art piece can be customized to the state and heart placement of your choosing.

2. Love You Pint Glass ($8/each on SALE): Nothing says it better than… saying it on a pint glass. While the booze warms their bodies, these glasses will warm their hearts.

3. Diamond Glass Set ($34, set of two): Who says you can’t have diamonds even after you exchange rings? These cocktail glasses are an interesting twist on the classic shape and immediately up your friends’ future holiday party game.

4. Custom Mugs ($20-23): Department store mugs will never compare to having a sweet, scripted reminder of your wedding day. The best news about these mugs is that the image is applied through a special heat process, so it won’t fade.

5. Heart Pillow Cover ($39 on sale): Not only is this sparkly pillow a festive addition to any newlyweds’ home, it also has a sweet benefit: 50 percent of the purchase price goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

6. Monogrammed Stockings ($49-149): A couple’s first “family” stockings are often overlooked on any registry. Label these jingle velvet stockings with the couple’s shared last name or individual first names. If you really want score some brownie points, pack each stocking with personalized little goodies for each of the newlyweds.

7. Heirloom Alpaca Blanket ($85-240): Keep cuddling to a maximum for years to come, with this cotton or alpaca/cotton-blended blanket. Made in the USA, these blankets aren’t just comfy and warm, they also feature a fabric tag that can be personalized with the recipients’ names, wedding details and any special message you wish to share. Plus, for every blanket purchased, Swell Forever makes a donation to their adoption fund. It comes with so many gifting wins.

8. Bonnie + Clyde Freakers ($20): While it could easily be given post-ceremony, we recommend surprising the couple with these freakers early, so they can party in style all night long.

9. Mini Donut Maker: ($36): Yes, we know nothing goes better with a cup of joe than a warm donut, but battling the cold/crowds/traffic just isn’t in the cards for a pair of newly-married lovebirds. Make it easy on them by bringing the bakery to their house with this adorable mini donut maker.

10. Storage Baskets ($18/basket): What wedding guest is thinking about laundry and organizing junk on The Big Day? You, that’s who! Make every day a good day with these 100-percent braided seagrass baskets.

11. Jardin Des Plantes Vase ($24-28): Designed by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann, this “modern interpretation of delftware” creates an eye-catching centerpiece on any table.

12. Ring Dish ($13): It may take some time to adjust to wearing a wedding band, or a wedding band and an engagement ring. If your friends’ fingers ever get tired of lifting that much bling, this sweet porcelain dish will be a thoughtful addition to any dresser.

13. Customizable Cookie Stamp: ($15): Anyone can customize stationary, but customizing Christmas cookies is next level. No other cookie stands a chance this holiday season.

14. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56/set of 4): Sure, getting married is a celebration worthy of gold-leaf bubbles, but the holidays are also right around the corner, and simple glassware just ain’t gonna cut it.

15. Oven Mit ($12): This floral-inspired oven mitt is a sweet nod to spring. It’s a pretty reminder for when the couple gets cabin fever.

16. Custom Address Stamp ($44): Both a practical and pretty need, custom address stamps are one of those gifts that are appreciated for their thoughtful simplicity.

17. Beer Brewing Kit + Class ($19/class, or $50/class + kit): Not every couple likes DIY projects, but when alcohol is involved, most couples make an exception. Gift this with strict instructions to create a “family brew,” and, of course, share samples when completed.

18. Hug/Kiss Pillow Cover ($25): Stray from the usual “His” and “Hers” by gifting these two pillow covers, which are a sweet reminder before any couple lays their head down for the day.

19. Nesting Doll Scented Candles ($18-29): These sweet-smelling forest animals are a rustic version of the classic Russian dolls. If the warmth of the flickering light doesn’t say cozy romance, the nesting part surely will.

20. Marble Rolling Pin ($20): So marble is definitely having a moment, and who are you to ignore a trend? This practical kitchen utensil will be getting a lot of use (and compliments) around the holiday season.

21. USA Cities Print ($68): Customized to fit the couple’s wedding place or home state, these graphic city prints will ensure those love birds tackle that gallery wall early on.

22. 2016 Travel the World Calendar ($16): Most newlyweds want to travel the globe with each other. Though this may seem like a practical gift, it’s also a daily reminder to them to get out and see the world.

23. Apron ($13): This apron motif does double duty: It’s holiday-ish and a sweet wish for two newlyweds.

24. Potholder ($6): The devil may be in the details, but dammit if those details aren’t insanely appreciated when you’re passing on positive vibes via everyday items.

25. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): This DIY kit is super simple, so it won’t take any time out of the honeymoon. Instead, it gives the couple a reason to indulge in a tasty drink together, on the daily.

26. Lomo’instant Camera ($119): Capture moments from the honeymoon, wedding and life together with this #tbt-style camera.

Would you or have you gotten married in the winter? What was your favorite gift or what would you want the most? Share in the comments below.