Ever wonder what your favorite Disney princesses, princes and characters would look like on Instagram? What about the villains? Even if you never did before, we bet you’re at least kind of curious now. Who would comment on a photo of Snow White #springcleaning with her seven dwarves? Would Ariel post photos of #dinglehoppers or share brooding images after fights with her dad?

Italian graphic designer Simona Bonafidi has been creating silly images of iconic Disney characters , imagining what it would be like if they had smartphones and Instagram. The series is called “Selfie Fables,” and it documents all the lovable folks, from Hercules to Peter Pan’s Wendy, as they hold up the phone and strike a pose.

We also love the cheeky comments and likes from other related characters. Prince Eric, for example, posts googly eyes on Ariel’s sexy shot… this is true romance brought into the modern age, people.

It seems like the characters have perfected their selfie looks, mastering the perfect head tilt, using tons of hash tags and even tagging relatives and friends in their photos. It almost makes you imagine, just for a second, that the characters we know and love could be real.

What do you think of these modern takes on classic characters? Let us know which images are your favorites in the comments below!