It’s safe(ish) to say that the colder months are behind us and spring is here! So we’ve got picnic brunch recipes and colorful spring cocktails on the brain. Zonin’s trio of Proseccos recently came to our attention, so we decided to give them a whirl with these three fresh fruit bellini recipes. Each bottle has its own unique taste and pairs perfectly with fruit puree to create these classic cocktails perfect for spring. These recipes do require some effort, so we recommend serving them up for a party of two or four.


Peach Bellini


Ingredients + Tools:

– Zonin Prosecco White Edition

– fresh peach

– sieve

– blender


Take the skin off of the peaches and blend them up to form a paste. (You may need to add a splash of water to get the process going.) Strain the puree through a sieve, pour into a glass and top with Zonin Prosecco White Edition.

Raspberry Orange Bellini


Ingredients + Tools:

– Zonin Prosecco Gray Edition

– 1/4 cup raspberries

– orange

– sieve

– blender


Peel and cut up one whole orange. Add into blender with 1/4 cup of raspberries. Puree and then strain through a sieve to separate the liquid from the fruit pulp.


Pour into a glass and top with Zonin Prosecco Gray Edition.

Strawberry Lemon Bellini


Ingredients + Tools:

– Zonin Prosecco black edition

– 1 cup strawberries

– half of a lemon

– sieve

– blender


Quickly remove stems and skin from strawberries and the half of lemon and puree in a blender. Run the puree through a sieve, discard the pulp and pour the juice into a glass. Top off with Zonin Prosecco Black Edition.


These fresh fruit bellinis are great for spring time brunches. Each recipe makes about two bellinis so multiply the recipe if necessary.


We highly suggest turning your childhood lemonade stand into a fresh bellini stand and passing these out to all your friends. Don’t forget to up the price ;)


Brit HQ couldn’t wait taste test these three bottles of Prosecco. The votes are in and everyone’s favorite was the white edition. Overall the white addition tended to be crisp and dry, not too sweet. Runner up was the black addition which had a fuller body and was more fruity. Last place was the gray addition which was acidic and reminded everyone of Sake. The gray addition was best when mixed with the fruit puree.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre