Straight from the Brit + Co. archives, we’re continuing on through Valentine’s week with a collection of 40 of our favorite recent DIY projects, each of which would make an awesome gift for someone you love.

Instead of keeping it to a Valentine’s color palette, we selected a smattering of projects that are pretty fresh all year round, so bookmark this for birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduation, and more. And fellas, if you make your girl any piece of jewelry from scratch, you’ll get about a million brownie points, good for an entire year.

1. Zipper Statement Necklace: This is definitely an all-time favorite here at Brit HQ. If you live in SF, you can come to Brit + Co SF and buy a kit to make it… and we’ll teach you a few DIY tricks!

2. Make Your Own Flipbook: Take a series of photos of the two of you (perhaps from a photo booth?!) and turn ’em into a flipbook. It’s surprisingly easy!

3. Insanely Adorable Baby Headbands: Giving your brand new niece, goddaughter, or baby cousin a Valentine this year? Give her the gift of boho style with one of these hip headbands.

4. Studded Clear Collar Necklace: How tough is this little number? It’s a rockstar take on the rather dainty collar trend.

5. Sugar Lip Scrubs: Make sure those lips are kissable as ever by giving them a little sugar scrub a dub dub.

6. Chocolate-Dipped Cookies: Reinvent childhood favorites by dipping Oreos, Nutter Butters, and Teddy Grahams in chocolate.

7. Geometric Candle Holder: This modern piece of decor is a great project for folks getting into woodworking.

8. Suede Stacking Bracelets: If you’re not up for making the whole project, may we suggest gifting your Valentine a kit so she can get crafty with it? ;)

9. Piñata Valentines: Inspired by fringe-covered piñatas, these gift boxes are the perfect outfit for any small present.

10. Dipped Framed Wall Art: For an unusual take on wall art, try dipping the entire frame, art included!

11. Vintage Book Clutch: Yes! We totally turned a vintage book into a clutch with super colorful fabric and a zipper. And no, we didn’t not ruin the book. You simply take the entire thing out so all you’re left with is the cover.

12. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland: These are a great decoration all year round, and would be a fun add-in in a big Valentine’s box of goodies.

13. Glittery Bottled Cocktails: Glitter up a few glass bottles, pour in cocktails, and cap ’em up for a tipsy picnic under the stars.

14. Photo Garlands: Another fun photo project, it’s easy to turn any set of photos into a festive garland. This tutorial will show you how to make faux Polaroids on a string, circles sewn together, and a fabric pennant banner made to last through the years.

15. Easy Peasy Spray-Dyed Totes: We know, we know. Another tote? But these ones are SO easy because they use spray dye, a dye that has to be one of our favorite DIY finds ever.

16. Gilded Bear Bookends: How cute are these bookends? The process to make them does feel a little morbid — you are sawing a bear in half, after all. But as you can see, the results are totally worth it.

17. Add Hearts to Shirts: Take any basic shirt and add a little heart to it! This would also be a fun thing to make for yourself and wear on V-Day.

18. Bejeweled Sunglasses Case: Bedazzling has been back for a couple years now, and we’re totally on board.

19. Geometric Painted Pillows: You guys have been meaning to amp up the decor in your living room, and these easy-to-recreate pillows are just the thing you need.

20. Air Plant Nail Art: We will never ever get over nail art — that’s a promise. This take on it shows you how to create a piece of living wall art! Get the kit to make it yourself right here.

21. Sequined Snow Bunny Beanie: Taking advantage of the long weekend and heading to the slopes on Valentine’s night? Me too! And you know what would it even more awesome? This beanie.

22. Valentine’s Lollipops: Step right up, it’s time for candy making 101!

23. Color Block Clocks: The best part about these clocks is that they can be customized to fit any style, color palette, or design aesthetic.

24. Braided Chain Accessories: We’ve been obsessing over chunky chain for a while, and love the texture braided embroidery floss adds to these statement pieces. Don’t know where to buy chain that’s that fly? There’s a Brit Kit for that ;)

25. Conversation Heart Bark: Bark is one of those go-to food tricks that we return to for every holiday. For this one, we are vastly improving the chalky taste of those iconic conversation hearts by surrounding them in chocolate. Nom.

26. Snappy Photo Totes: Amp up market totes you already have by ironing on photos from recent trips and adventures. This would also be a fun way to customize bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts.

27. Arrow Wall Hooks: When color block Cupid strikes, your jewelry and scarves can totally get organized.

28. Pop-Up Pencil Holders: Is your partner’s desk completely disorganized? Help your darling out by creating custom pencil holders out of retro straw caddies.

29. Double-Dipped Chocolate Hearts: Dip those homemade hearts in chocolate and sprinkles, and call it a day.

30. Geometric Trays with Faux Wood Inlay: Woodgrain contact paper might be our new favorite material.

31. Patterned Bud Vases: We remixed our gold-dipped vases kit to create a pattern-covered variety. Do any set of colors you like and freestyle designs of your choosing.

32. Watercolor Feather Throw Pillow: Guess what we used to create these watercolor designs? Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. For real!

33. Geometric Clay Necklace: This chic geode accessory is a cinch to create, even you dudes out there could totally make this for your dame. Not sure where to get the goods? Head to our shop.

34. Paint-Splattered Travel Case: If you’re not ready to create the whole case, get an inexpensive one and splatter it with nail polish instead! But if you are up for the challenge, get the materials you need to make your own travel case right here.

35. No-Bake Bourbon Balls: Chocolatey treats with bourbon inside? Sign us up!

36. Geometric Bangles: These mod pieces of arm candy are just a trip to the hardware store away!

37. Grommeted Clutch: For a more intense undertaking, add grommets to basic clutch or wallet.

38. Hand-Lettered Cocktail Napkins: Chances are, your partner in life happens to love your handwriting no matter how messy it is. Preserve it by creating a custom set of cocktail napkins.

39. Gilded Pyramid Rings: These would make for a fun Gal-entine’s craft night!

40. Color Block Candles: And lastly, one of our favorite decor projects for any DIY skill level. If you’re not up for the DIY, gift your Valentine the Brit Kit instead.

What are you making for your Valentine this year? Talk to us in the comments below.