Wait. Wasn’t it just National Donut Day over the summer? It sure was! But November 5 is National Doughnut Day, plus donuts definitely deserve to be celebrated twice. Whether you’re a traditionalist who prefers her donuts in the mornings, a wild child who eats them before bed or a mid-day snack kind of girl who pairs them with your afternoon coffee, we’ve got something for everyone. These might just inspire you to host a donut party — but don’t forget our invite!

gem toppers

1. Gem Toppers ($15): National Donut Day calls for special donuts, and special donuts call for special decorations. Enter the gem topper set. These 12 geometric gem toppers will bring all the extra pizazz you need on this monumental day.

appl watch band

2. Apple Watch Band ($70): Even your technology wants to get in on the action! Something tells us you’ll be sporting the quirky band more than twice a year.

bacon nation

3. Bacon Nation Cookbook ($15): Bacon and donuts are a win-win. Get some yummy ideas for how to take your bacon and donut combo out of the box with this rad cookbook.


4. Peach Bellini Mix ($8): If you’re celebrating National Donut Day over the weekend with a donut-filled brunch, be sure to bring along this peach bellini mix. Just add champagne and you’re ready to rock.


5. Donut Bracelet ($16): A whimsical play on charm bracelets, this beaut’ is equally stellar as a standout on its own or as an addition to a stack of wrist jewelry.

brunch sweatshirt

6. I Attend Brunch Every Sunday Sweatshirt ($38): Donuts mean breakfast, and what breakfast really means is brunch. Advertise your love for the universal Sunday morning activity by wearing this cozy sweatshirt during the week. You might end up with a few new friends joining your brunch crew.

donut iphone case

7. Donut iPhone Case ($40): Show off your love for donuts on National Donut day and all the other days. This beautifully illustrated donut iPhone case will keep your phone looking fly and protect it too — it was drop-tested with 24 consecutive drops!

Donut tee

8. Smiley Face Donut Tee ($24): This tee is screen printed by hand, cast on American Apparel duds and available in white and gray too. The awesomeness of this shirt will probably have your friends asking to “borrow” it.

cupcake platter

9. Donut Stand ($22): National Donut Day is definitely an occasion that calls for a donut pedestal. Technically it’s a cupcake stand, but it’s pretty much perfect for a stack of donuts too.

handmade baking

10. Hand Made Baking Book ($30): Does the awesomeness of Donut Day have you in a new-found baking tizzy? Channel your creative juices into yummy new recipes with this baking book. You won’t regret it, and the people in your life will love you even more for all the extra goodies you’re about to be sharing!

Grumpy card

11. Grumpy Donut Cards ($20): We donut want to share either. This set of five tongue-in-cheek greeting cards are blank on the inside, so you can spin the grumpy sentiments however you like.

party planning class

12. Party Planning Class and Kit ($59): If you wanna host a Donut Day breakfast party, let us show you the light of easy and flawless hosting with our party-planning tips and strategies.


13. Donut Ornaments ($20): It’s Christmas in November with this set of four donut ornaments. They look great hanging off a jewelry tree or a doorknob, or dangling from the ceiling from some shiny gold ribbon.

partyware set

14. Paper Tableware Set ($49): The colors of this tableware set add a bit of subtle glam, but won’t steal the show away from the pretty donuts you serve on top of them. This set includes eight of everything you need to throw a spectacular donut feast.

stamp set

15. Party Invitation Stamp Kit ($14): If you’re gonna have a donut party, you’ll need some invites. Thanks to this stamp set, sending out the invites is a delight.

Which one of these bad boys will be by your side on the best day ever, aka Donut Day? Let us know in the comments!