Peeps-flavored coffee is what Dunkin’ is rolling out for Easter, because we all need more marshmallows in our life. Before you write it off as way too sweet or not for you, let us tell you that we tried it and love it! While the Girl Scouts cookie coffee is still a fave, this Peeps option is just to delicious to pass up. Here are the details.

Starting April 1, get your hands on Peeps-flavored coffee and espresso in Dunkin’ shops nationwide. The coffee itself is rich and creamy and has just a subtle hint of marshmallow flavor. It tastes as if you dropped a Peeps or two into your morning coffee for a little extra zing. We’ll just say it’s more Peeps-y than the Peeps cereal, for sure.

If you want to get involved with a real Peeps mallow, you can also get a vanilla donut with a mini Peeps on top of it. It comes with vanilla icing and colorful sprinkles too.

Pairing the Peeps donut with the Peeps coffee might give you a sugar overload for the day (we would know; we did it), but it’s a fun splurge and worth doing at least once. You can find all the new Easter offerings in Dunkin’ shops starting today for a limited time and while supplies last.

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(Photos via Dunkin’)