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Kellogg’s is jumping in on the mallow cereal game with its new Peeps Cereal ($4). Since it is currently rolling out in stores nationwide for the Easter season (and will only be out for a limited time), we had to try it as soon as we heard the news. Would it taste like a spoonful of fluffy, sugary marshmallow chicks? Though sadly it doesn’t, we’re still fans. Here’s why.

Flavor-wise, the Peeps cereal tastes mildly of vanilla, almost like Golden Oreos, and the cereal reminds us of two other iconic boxes we adore. The pastel, whole grain “O’s” are reminiscent of slightly glazed Froot Loops, and the white marshmallow bits are very much like Lucky Charms. While the marshmallow pieces don’t have any of the crunchy sugar coating traditionally found on Peeps, they do have a similar, chewy texture. Nutritionally speaking, the cereal is on par with Lucky Charms. A 3/4 cup serving will only set you back 110 calories and 13 grams of sugar.

Overall we enjoyed this cereal, but we see it more as a treat instead of part of a complete breakfast. Instead of serving them in a bowl with milk, we recommend snacking on these morsels straight out of the box, using them as a topping for ice cream, or folding them into marshmallow treat squares.

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(Images via Kellogs and Gabi Conti/Brit+Co).