When your earbuds aren鈥檛 busy getting tangled in your pockets and purse, they鈥檙e probably helping you drown out the noise on your commute to work or they鈥檙e letting you quietly watch your Netflix shows during your lunch break. Despite our frustrations with untangling the darn things, we feel like earbuds go underappreciated. Ever since Beats by Dre first came out (which BTW was six years ago), everyone was rocking the sleek over-the-ear headphones and tossing their Apple earbuds 鈥 and all earbuds for that matter 鈥 to the side. Well we鈥檙e about to bring back the craze over earbuds.

1.聽Urbanears x Marc Jacob ($45): Fashionable and functional 鈥 who needs to ask for more? They come in three different colors, but the buds with the trippy, acid-rain pattern definitely caught our attention.

2.聽Normal ($199): Think you can sneak a picture of your friend鈥檚 ear? Why? Because that picture will get you an awesome gift that will wow the biggest audiophiles. Normals are 3D printed earbuds that are made to fit perfectly in your ears. Just download the app, snap a quick pic of your ear and send it in. You鈥檒l have your Normal earbuds knocking at your door within the next two days!

3.聽Inspire 400 for Women ($25): These earbuds from Yurbuds are specifically made for the kick-ass female beasts in the gym. When you鈥檙e sweating up a storm as you push for that last mile or when you鈥檙e running through choreo to that hair-whipping, bass-trembling beat, these athletic earbuds won鈥檛 pop out. They鈥檝e got TwistLock technology so your music is bumpin鈥 throughout your entire workout.

4.聽Sennheiser PMX 695i ($60): If you鈥檙e a neckband kind of gal, these earbuds will be sure to stay strapped. These are great for exercising because they鈥檙e sweat-proof, so you can go all out in your workout without your earbuds holding you back. After your intense workout, you can even wash them under running water. All of Sennheiser鈥檚 earbuds have HiFi sound quality that immerses you into your playlist and聽this pair is no exception.

5.聽Cantaloupe Ear Buddies ($16): These cute earbuds are sure to have your girlfriends doing double takes. They鈥檙e simple, unique and adorable 鈥 a nice change from the Apple earbuds that are everywhere.

6.聽Heart Rate Monitor Earphones ($180): Alright, let鈥檚 get to the heart of fitness. These earbuds track your heart rate so you can monitor how well you鈥檙e strengthening your heart while you鈥檙e strengthening your quads.

7.聽Bluebuds X ($170): Looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that will last throughout your workout and even longer than that? These wireless fitness buddies last up to eight hours on just one charge. For iPhone users, your earbuds鈥 battery levels will show up right next your phone鈥檚 battery icon so you can easily gauge your usage for both of your daily must-haves.


8.聽Sports-Fi S6 ($60): With memory wires that form to your ear, these HiFi buds will never slip out.

9.聽Roam ($300): Are you a faithful Beats lover? Roam might change that. The way they combine fashion and status make them the Beats of earbuds. When they鈥檙e not stylishly plugged into your ears, they become a blingin鈥 tech-cessory piece.

10.聽QuietComfort ($300): If you prefer using headphones over earbuds because they do a better job with noise cancellation, get ready to you trade out your headphones for something lighter. These Bose noise cancellation earbuds do a great job of isolating the noise from your music. At the same time 鈥 if you want to be more aware of your surroundings 鈥 they have an Aware Mode where you can hear what鈥檚 going on around you while you鈥檙e jamming out.

11.聽Bombshell ($40): No, we鈥檙e not talking about a Victoria鈥檚 Secret bra, but these custom women鈥檚 Skullcandy earbuds fit just as perfectly as one. The best part is that the ear gels are made with Skullcandy鈥檚 Pureclean technology so that it prevents germ build-up.

12.聽Dime ($24): If you don鈥檛 care too much about that Pureclean tech and would much prefer better sound quality out of your earbuds, then Dime might be the one for you. It has a bumpin鈥 bass and crystal clear vocals.

13.聽Shure SE215 ($99): Say #ByeByeBye to uncomfortable wires that get in the way when you want to move freely with #NoStringsAttached (鈥楴 Sync references, anyone?). These earbuds do wonders for canceling out noise and for comfort. If you are using the earbuds with their removeable wires in, the wires form to your ears. Otherwise you can roam around without the wires getting in the way.

14.聽Audio Technica SonicFuel ($40): Love how in-ear earbuds sound, but don鈥檛 like the feeling of them being, well鈥 in-ear? These HiFi earbuds don鈥檛 enter the ear canal, but still deliver great quality with a sleek design.

15.聽Dash ($299): These are the world鈥檚 first smart headphones. Dash can store up to 4GB worth of songs so you don鈥檛 have to bring your phone along with you while you鈥檙e getting your cardio in. You鈥檒l even be able to view your performance via the connected app (iOS and Android coming soon). Volume, noise cancellation and song skipping adjustments can be made all on the buds themselves so you can remain wire and phone free.

16.聽Panasonic RPTCM125K ($14): Want a pair of great quality earbuds without tearing a hole in your wallet? These are a great option.

17.聽Urbeats ($100): If you love your over-ear Beats headphones, then you鈥檙e going to love the Urbeats earbuds. They鈥檙e just as stylish and a whole lot easier to carry around during travels and commutes. Bonus: The flat wired cables keep your earbuds from tangling up.

18.聽Wrap Headphones Mint ($18): Keep your earbuds organized with this wrap. It comes in handy when you want to throw a pair into your purse. No more pulling out your earbuds as they pull out your keys, pens and brush along with them.

19.聽GreenBUDZ ($30): We love woodwork, especially on technology. These headphones are eco-friendly, made out of Rosewood and they even comes with their own cord retractor.

20.聽Happy Plugs ($25): First off, how cute is this packaging? We would seriously just buy a pair just for that. But then the question would be: Which color? There are nine colors to choose from, and we think we might just need them all.

21.聽Happy Plugs Animal Print ($30): Rawr. These buds add a nice cheetah print accent to any outfit.

So which pair is it going to be? Let us know in the comments below!